Author: Government recordkeeping

PROV has recently developed a new Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) to cover records created by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

VCAT began operations on 1 July 1998, amalgamating 15 boards and tribunals to deal with a range of civil and administrative disputes. VCAT members have a broad range of skills and qualifications that enables the tribunal to hear and determine cases of varying complexity and subject matter.

The new RDA, PROS 16/03 Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal completely replaces the PROS 05/03 RDA. It also covers a broader range of record classes and aims to clarify the ambiguity of the record class descriptions and disposal actions that were in PROS 05/03.

The new RDA will not authorise the disposal of records of predecessor bodies to VCAT. However, it may be used as an appraisal guide for the records of the predecessor bodies. There is also scope for future extension of the RDA to include other boards and tribunals in the Victorian jurisdiction post a formal appraisal process.

The purpose of a Retention and Disposal Authority is to identify those records created and maintained by Victorian public offices which are required as State archives and to provide approval for the destruction of records not required after minimum retention periods have been met.