Author: Government recordkeeping

PROV is undertaking a major review of the Standards and Specifications it sets for Victorian Public Sector recordkeeping. We are seeking your feedback to make sure the requirements all Victorian agencies must meet are:

  • easy to understand
  • can be applied by all types of agencies
  • support the transition to digital recordkeeping throughout the agency.

Strategic Management - Final Chance for Feedback

Feedback was previously sought on proposed changes to the Strategic Management Standard / Specification Principles and Requirements. We are now seeking any final comments on the revised document.

Please use the Strategic Management Feedback Form to send any final comments to Alison McNulty by 6 July 2018.

Proposed Merge of Capture Standard / Specification, Control Standard / Specification and VERS Standard

More extensive changes are proposed to the Capture Standard / Specification, the Control Standard / Specification.

Firstly, it is proposed that these two Standard areas are combined as they are very closely related. Record creation is included in the requirements but not referenced in the title, so it is proposed that the documents become the Create, Capture, Control Standard and the Create, Capture, Control Specification.

Secondly, it is proposed that the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS) Standard is merged with the Create, Capture, Control Standard and Specification, as they are closely related. When the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy was originally released, digital recordkeeping was a new area of practice so a separate standard / specification framework was appropriate. However, digital recordkeeping is now 'business as usual', so having one Standards Framework for agencies to comply with seems the best and most practical approach.

Please use the Create, Capture and Control Feedback Form to send your comments to Alison McNulty via email by 6 July 2018. If anyone would like to attend a workshop to discuss the proposals and provide feedback please let Alison know.

Note - the Digitisation Specifications are not being changed at this point. The VERS Specifications will be reviewed to ensure they are consistent with changes to the Framework and to see if they can be simplified.