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Update of Common Administrative Functions RDA – Survey

PROV is asking interested stakeholders to complete a short survey on which functions from PROS 07/01 RDA for Common Administrative Functions should be prioritised for inclusion in a new pilot project to redevelop and replace our most widely-used RDA.

About the project

PROV is developing a replacement for PROS 07/01 Common Administrative Functions. This RDA was first released in 2007 and applies to all public offices. It provides coverage for records of administrative functions that are common across government, such as human resources, finance, and property management.

After collating feedback on PROS 07/01 in the last few years, PROV now intends to select  two existing functions of Common Admin to include in a pilot project to review and develop a new RDA.

Given the size of the existing RDA, which includes 19 functions, redeveloping the entirety of PROS 07/01 will be a substantial project. An initial pilot project will enable us to determine the best strategies for researching recommended changes and converting the RDA into a more modern rolled up structure (described below). By completing this RDA redevelopment project in stages, starting with this pilot phase, it will be easier for stakeholders to provide feedback as we progress.

Rolled up RDAs

Previously, RDAs were written in the Function – Activity – Classes style.  PROS 07/01 is an example of this style.  

After undertaking a disposal remodelling program a number of years ago, PROV has introduced RDAs that are ‘rolled up’ with fewer classes that are easier to implement. Functions are described in great detail, followed by a minimal number of record classes. There is no activity level and records with the same or similar retention period are grouped together – sometimes referred to as ‘buckets’.

It is the aim that the replacement for PROS 07/01, including the product of this pilot project, will be presented in a rolled up structure.


PROV thanks everyone who has already provided us with written feedback on how we can improve and update coverage for common administrative functions. This will be very useful as we continue our review and will help us to fill in existing gaps in disposal coverage.

We are now asking interested stakeholders to complete a short survey to indicate the three functions from PROS 07/01 that you see as the highest priority for review. From your suggestions, we intend to select two to include in the pilot project.

Feedback so far has indicated that some of the main functions of interest for updating include Personnel Management and Occupational Health & Safety. If there are others you believe should be higher priority, or if you have specific suggestions about improvements to these functions, please let us know through the survey.

You can access and complete the survey here.

The survey will be open for four weeks until COB Friday 17 September 2021.

If you have any questions or issues with the survey, please let us know: