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July 13, 2021

What do I need to know?

These records relate to Ned Kelly but are not contained in the Ned Kelly Historical Collection. We have provided you with direct links to those records. 

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About these records

These records are not part of the Kelly Historical Collection. They can be found within in the inward correspondence files of the Chief Secretary’s Department and a number of other series. We have linked directly to these key files, which are in Record Series (VPRS) 3991, Record Series (VPRS) 1226 and Record Series (VPRS) 515, Victoria Police Record Series (VPRS) 937, and Crown Law Department series (VPRS) 266, VPRS 265, VPRS 1182, and VPRS 515.   

You must visit the North Melbourne Reading Room to view these files, once they have been ordered.


Who created these records?

1855 - 1979 Chief Secretary's Department VA 475

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What are in these records?

Inward correspondence files of the Chief Secretary’s Department. 

The declaration of Kelly Gang Members as outlaws under the Felons Apprehension Act 1878

The petition by lawyer Gaunson 

Ned Kelly’s entry in the Central Register of Male Prisoners