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August 31, 2017

Victoria’s trams and railways authorities have generated a rich legacy of pictures and words that document the development of a world-class public transport system. The road network is not touched on this topic page but records do exist about the Victorian road network.

We have extensive collections of tram and railway photographs which cover pretty much every part of the State. Some key collections are explored below, but this is only a fraction of our rich holdings.

What do I need to know before I start?

To search in our online photograph collection, you only need your curiosity and some keywords.

For family research the name, dates of employment and specific branch information within the railway or tram departments will help narrow your research.

View online or at the Reading Room?

Look for the icons below to identify if records are viewable online (mouse over globe) or need to be ordered online and then viewed at our Reading Rooms (open book):

Look for these icons to:

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Record Series Numbers (VPRS): 12800, 12903
Various Agencies: VA 2876, VA 2694, VA 1044, VA 2984
Record Series Number (VPRS): 566, 558, 945, 22
Record Series Number (VPRS): 12907, 12738, 13069, 12967, 13706