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The Public Records Regulations 2013 were made by the Governor in Council on 19 November 2013.

For more detailed information, see Public Records Regulations 2013.

Changes to conditions of use

The conditions of use have been revised to better reflect current expectations. Regular users of the Reading Room at the Victorian Archives Centre close Victorian Archives Centre Definition This is the main repository for Victorian government archives and the offices of Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and National Archives Australia (NAA) Victoria branch. There is a joint reading room at the centre between PROV and the NAA at 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne. or the Ballarat Archives Centre close Ballarat Archives Centre Definition The Public Record Office Victoria repository and reading room in Ballarat. will note that the proposed conditions are in line with existing practices.

Background to changes in fees

As the fees are set by the Regulations, PROV has not been able to increase its photocopying or digitising charges in 10 years. This has resulted in fee levels being charged at a lower rate than the cost of recovery. PROV’s renewed Regulations include a relatively small increase in fees to address this. We believe that this small increase will help us to continue to deliver quality reproduction services to our users throughout the next decade.

In addition, many of the fees are now expressed in the Regulations as ‘fee units’. The value of the fee unit close unit Definition A Unit is a storage container to store physical records. A Unit may be a box, bundle, plan press drawer, tube etc, containing individual record Items. A Unit may also be a single volume. You can order Units for viewing in one of our Reading Rooms. is set for each financial year by the Treasurer of Victoria in their annual budget, and is intended to allow for fees to rise in line with inflation. The value of the fee unit for 2013-14 is $12.84.

Please note: PROV welcomes and encourages all users to make their own digital representations of public records using their own digital cameras or digital cameras provided in the Reading Rooms.

Some services have been removed from the Regulations:

  • Microfilm services are no longer listed in the Regulations, however, material from microfilm close microfilm Definition A film format in a roll used to reproduce fragile, bulky or large publications or documents, that can provide safe access and generate copies. can still be obtained in a number of forms:
    • A researcher can make a copy from a computer or a microform reader onto their own USB free of charge.
    • Printing from microform readers will be phased out as the equipment becomes unserviceable. In the meantime, there will be no charge for self-service printing.
  • Fees for inspection of records will no longer apply. PROV inspects all records on their admission to the archive.


For more information, see Public Records Regulations 2013.

For a comparison of the changes to Conditions of Use and the Fees see Public Records Regulations Comparison.