Author: Government recordkeeping

PROV is undertaking a review of the mandatory Standards and Specifications set for the Victorian Public Sector. We are now seeking feedback on four draft Standards. Thank you to those who have already sent feedback on previous drafts. 

Proposed changes

It is proposed that the Principles and Requirements be included in the Standards. Specifications would be used for the detailed technical and process requirements ie. Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) and Digitisation Requirements. The guidance and examples, which are currently spread across Standards, Specifications and Guidelines, would be moved to a detailed implementation guideline for each Standard. We would be very interested in receiving feedback on this possible change.

Draft standards requiring feedback

Strategic Management Standard

This is proposed to replace the current Strategic Management Standard and Strategic Management Specification. Click on the icon below to download the word document.



Operational Management 

This is proposed to replace the current Operations Management Standard and Operations Management Specification.



Create, Capture and Control Standard

This is proposed to replace the Capture Standard, Capture Specification, Control Standard, Control Specification and include the high level Principles and Requirements from the VERS 3 Standard. VERS Specifications and Digitisation Specifications would sit under this Standard area. 



Access Standard

This is proposed to replace the Access Standard and Access Specification




Note, a couple of the draft documents contain comments, on matters where we are particularly seeking specific feedback. Please email feedback to Alison McNulty, Senior Manager Standards and Policy, by COB 18 February 2019. If you would like to attend a group discussion to provide feedback please let Alison know.

Please note that the Storage and Disposal Standards are not included - they will be reviewed at a later date.