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May 9, 2019


About our RDA projects

To streamline the approach to disposal and “future proof” our Retention and Disposal Authorities (RDAs) as much as possible we encourage the development and use of RDAs based around broad functions.

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does not require each agency to have its own specific RDA unless it is a high risk or high value function.

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RDA projects currently underway

See our What we're doing page for a breakdown on the progress of each project.

Audio Visual Surveillance & Digital Asset Records Disposal of Victoria Police records is authorised by PROS 10/14 Records of Victoria Police issued in 2010. Since then, there have been significant advances in the use of technology to support modern policing, resulting in vast quantities of different digital assets and audio/visual footage accumulating. An appraisal project is underway to determine appropriate retention periods for such records.
Building Regulatory Functions On 1 July 2013, amendments to the Building Act 1993 established the Victorian Building Authority as a new statutory authority. The VBA replaced the former Building Commission (VA 4125) and Plumbing Industry Commission (VA 4256), combining the regulatory oversight of the two. The project will appraise records documenting a variety of functions including building and plumbing standards, regulations and products and practitioners in Victoria.
Chief Parliamentary Counsel The Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel is in the process of replacing their current RDA PROS 07/02. The RDA will cover records documenting the function of drafting legislation and statutory rules.
County Court of Victoria The County Court is working to replace their existing RDA PROS 08/03. The RDA will cover records of the Court.
Development Victoria Development Victoria is working to develop a new RDA to cover the delivery of property development and social and economic capital works projects and associated functional responsibilities.
Environment Protection Authority Victoria Environment Protection Authority Victoria is in the process of replacing their current RDA PROS 02/03. The project will appraise a variety of functions including licensing and works approval, environmental auditing, compliance enforcement and investigations, waste management and industry guidance. 
Family Violence Central Information Point Following the Royal Commission into Family Violence the Department of Premier and Cabinet is establishing the Central Information Point (CIP). The CIP will facilitate timely and accurate information sharing to assist family violence practitioners with risk assessment and management. The new RDA will specify retention requirements for records managed and stored by the CIP.

Office of Public Prosecutions

The Office of Public Prosecutions is in the process of replacing their current RDA PROS 04/03. The RDA will cover records documenting the function of prosecuting serious offences and conducting criminal appeals in Victoria’s courts.


The Department of Education and Training has commissioned a project to review and replace its existing RDA PROS 01/01 RDA for School Records. The Department is responsible for providing and regulating statewide learning and development services across the early childhood, school education, and training and skills sectors. The school records appraisal project will cover records created and captured during the provision of Prep to Year 12 education, including records of School Councils and subsidiary committees. 

Service Victoria Service Victoria is working to develop a new RDA for its unique functions.  Service Victoria performs a whole-of-government function as a front-end, central point for community access to government services. It creates and maintains customer service and identify verification standards prescribed by the Service Victoria Act 2018
Victorian Auditor-General’s Office The Auditor-General’s Office is developing a new RDA to replace their existing RDA, PROS 01/03. The RDA will cover records of the specific and unique functions of the Auditor-General.

Victorian Government Reporting Service

The Victorian Government Reporting Service is developing an RDA, which will be the first RDA for this agency. The Victorian Government Reporting Service (VGRS) is responsible for providing high-quality criminal recording and transcription services to Victoria's courts and tribunals. In the 2015-16 year, VGRS transcribed over 420,000 transcript pages and distributed over one million pages of transcript to the judiciary and other parties.

Transcript records held by the courts will continue to be covered by the various RDAs issued for the records of the courts.

Victoria Legal Aid Victoria Legal Aid is developing a new RDA to replace their existing RDA, PROS 03/01. The RDA will cover the agency’s unique functions including providing legal aid in accordance with the Legal Aid Act 1978 and the control and administration of the Legal Aid Fund.
Victorian Managed Insurance Authority The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority is developing a new RDA to replace their existing RDA, PROS 03/03. The RDA will cover records documenting the function of providing risk advice and insurance services for the Victorian government.


In conjunction with these projects, we are implementing an approach to expand our existing RDAs to cover agencies that perform similar functions. On application agencies might be included under existing disposal authorities.