Last updated:

July 31, 2020


Storage of records should be planned to ensure their physical protection. Regardless of format or location, all records must be locatable, secure from authorised access and preserved. It includes the storage of physical records, electronic records, and physical devices and hardware used to store electronic records. Specific requirements and guidance is provided for agency based storage, commercial storage provided and Places of Deposit.


Storage Standard

Storage Standard PROS 11/01 Agency Records Storage Specification PROS 11/01 S1 Storing and Managing State Archives Specification PROS 11/01 S2 APROSS Specification PROS 11/01 S3 Implementing a Storage Programme Guideline PROS 11/01 G2 Places of Deposit (POD) for State Archives Guideline PROS 11/01 G4 APROSS Guideline PROS 11/01 G1 Records Storage Guideline PROS 11/01 G5 Records Storage: Authorisation and Inspection Programme Guideline PROS 11/01 G6 Becoming an APROSS Facility Fact Sheet PROS 11/01 FS1 Maintaining APROSS Certification Fact Sheet PROS 11/01 FS2Issued by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), this standard provides a set of mandatory principles for Victorian government agencies regarding storage of public records.  Your agency is expected to fully comply with each principle contained in the standard by implementing the particular requirements as detailed in the relevant specification/s.