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May 23, 2019

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PROV is currently reviewing our VERS Standards and Certification program so some of the information on this page may soon change. We will keep you up to date on the changes as they are developed.

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VERS Version 2 Standard

The structure and technical requirements for creating Version 2 VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs) are formally specified in PROS 99/007 Management of Electronic Records Standard and its five specifications. See VEO creation for further information.


These six documents provide background information, explanatory material, and examples in support of the Standard and associated Specifications. None of the information in the Advices imposes any requirement on agencies.


When should I use this standard?

You should use this standard:

  • if you already have your digital records in a system with a compliant Version 2 VEO creation module. See VERS compliant products for a list of current approved systems.


Standard for the management of electronic records PROS 99/007 System Requirements for Preserving Electronic Records Specification PROS 99/007… VERS Metadata Scheme Specification PROS 99/007 S2 VERS Standard Electronic Record Format Specification PROS 99/007 S3 VERS Long Term Preservation Formats Specification PROS 99/007 S4 Export of Electronic Records to PROV Specification PROS 99/007 S5

VEO creation

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What are VERS encapsulated objects (VEOs) and how to create them?

VERS products

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Current products that meet technical specifications of the VERS Standard