Last updated:

July 4, 2017

VERS Version 3 Standard

The structure and technical requirements for creating Version 3 VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs), also known as neoVEOs, are formally specified in PROS 15/03 Standard for the encapsulation of digital information and its three specifications. See VEO creation for further information.

Standard for the encapsulation of digital information PROS 15/03Constructing VERS Encapsulated Objects Specification PROS 15/03 S1Adding Metadata to VEOs Specification PROS 15/03 S2Long Term Preservation Formats Specification PROS 15/03 S3



When should I use this standard?

You should use this standard:

  • if you do not have the records in a system with a Version 2 compliant VEO creation module. See VERS compliant products for a list of current approved systems.
  • you need to create the VEOs manually using PROV’s neoVEO App. PROV will provide the application once agencies commence an approved digital transfer project. See Digital records transfer step-by-step for further information about the transfer process.


VEO creation

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What are VERS encapsulated objects (VEOs) and how to create them?

Digital records transfer step-by-step

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