Last updated:

August 9, 2021

Changes to the Vendor Certification Program

The Certification Program has been of value over many years to vendors and agencies alike. Under this program, Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) certified commercial products against the requirements of VERS Version 2: PROS 99/007 Management of Electronic Records Standard.

We believe both agencies and vendors would benefit from a more flexible approach and have transitioned to VERS Version 3 VEO creation, using the new PROS 19/05 Create, Capture and Control Standard and Specifications.


What does this mean for your current products?

The phase out of the VERS Certification Program is being managed to minimise impact on products already certified under the current program.

Please be assured that:

  • Products certified by PROV can continue to be purchased and used.
  • Digital records transferred to PROV as VEOs from existing VERS Version 2 certified products will continue to be accepted.

Key dates

1 July 2021 – Assessment for product certification against the requirements of VERS Version 2 (PROS 99/007) has ceased.

1 July 2021 - VERS Version 3 VEO validation program has commenced.

1 July 2025 – Vendor self-certification of existing VERS Certified products against VERS Version 2 will cease.


VERS 3 VEO validation program


The VEO validation program tests Version 3 VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs) generated out of vendor systems upon request.

PROV conducts the test and validates the capability of commercial vendor systems to generate valid Version 3 VEOs in compliance with PROS 19/05 Specifications. 

Vendor products that have been validated as being able to generate Version 3 VEOs are listed on the Commercial VEO Creation Products web page. (Please note that listing will commence once the first product has been assessed and validated.)

The Commercial VEO creation products page continues to list all products certified under PROV 99/007 as well as those validated for Version 3 VEOs under PROS 19/05.


System Self-Assessment

The PROV Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT) includes a module for self-assessment of systems against the requirements of the PROV recordkeeping standards. The module is accessible via the RKAT web page.


Vendors are encouraged to:

  • Review the PROS 19/05 Standard and Specifications and Version 3 technical development package available on the PROV VEO creation products page.
  • Self-assess their products against the recordkeeping requirements in the RKAT module (forthcoming). 


Commencing VERS 3 VEO validation

Our technical development packages are available on the PROV VEO creation products page. They include tools to test and troubleshoot your VEOs as well as information on any forthcoming updates to products.

Vendors that have created commercial products capable of generating Version 3 VEOs in accordance with the requirements of PROS 19/05 Standard and Specifications are able to submit the VEOs to PROV for validation testing.

To commence the VERS 3 validation process, or to report any technical issues not addressed on the PROV VEO creation products web page, please contact us at 


VERS Version 2 Vendor Assessment Step-by-step (provided for those currently undergoing testing - program ceased from 1 July 2021)

  1. STEP 1 - Product Development

    Developers should refer to PROS 99/007 Standard and Specifications to familiarise themselves with the requirements. These documents contain the technical information necessary to develop valid VEO creation products.

    Version 2 VEO creation technical code and tools can be found on the PROV VEO creation products page and can be used to develop commercial products at no cost.

    STEP 2 - Compliance Documentation

    Download the assessment Test Pack containing the information vendors will need to demonstrate compliance.

    The Test Pack consists of:

    • Specification 1 Statements (13 individual statements)

    • Specification 2 Statement

    • Specification 1 and 2 test scripts

    Note: Statements include Mandatory Requirements and Conditional Requirements. Mandatory Requirements must be present in order for a system to be compliant. Conditional Requirements need only be present where a specific condition is also met.


    Complete the Statements of Compliance for Specifications 1 and 2 and submit to PROV at

    The compliance process cannot proceed without PROV first receiving these Statements.

    STEP 3 - Contact PROV

    Contact PROV to arrange a date and time for Specification 1 and 2 testing.

    During VERS compliance testing vendors will be required to supply the following resources:

    • Programmer (a person who is able to make any necessary minor code changes identified during the testing)

    • Project Manager (a person with the authority to make decisions regarding compliance issues identified during the testing)

    • Testing environment (for example, laptop computer and software to demonstrate the product’s compliance with the VERS Standard).

    Specification 1 and 2 testing is normally held at PROV’s North Melbourne offices.

    Arrangements can be made to conduct testing at the vendor’s premises if required. The vendor is responsible for the following costs incurred by PROV staff (as applicable):

    • Travel

    • Accommodation

    • Meals

    Vendors should allow sufficient time for the testing to take place. Specifications 1 and 2 take up to one full day to complete.


    STEP 4 - Testing

    Prepare for Specification 1 and 2 testing. Set up a test system in accordance with the VERS technical specifications, including the ability to generate VEOs. During the test you will be asked to generate a VEO and a team from PROV will use testscripts to test the system. The testing will be done by the vendor with PROV staff observing and providing guidance.

    STEP 5 - Conduct Testing for Specifications 1 and 2

    If the tests results are satisfactory, compliance against Specifications 1 and 2 will be indicated on the Commercial VEO creation products page.

    STEP 6: Conduct Testing for Specifications 3, 4 and 5

    Testing for Specifications 3-5 requires vendors to submit VEOS to PROV for testing.

    STEP 7: Compliance Certification

    Once the tests have been successfully completed, the Keeper of Public Records will issue a Compliance Certification Statement for all Specifications. The product will be considered VERS Compliant and this will be clearly indicated on the Commercial VEO creation products page.

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