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April 17, 2020

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PROV is currently reviewing our VERS Standards and Certification program so some of the information on this page may soon change. We will keep you up to date on the changes as they are developed.

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About this technical support material

The following technical material has been developed to assist developers in adding VERS Version 2 VEO generation capabilities to their products.

See Information for VERS vendors and VEO creation pages for further information.

Please direct comments or questions about this technical support material to

Please note that technical support material for developers wishing to add VERS Version 3 VEO generation capabilities to their products has not yet been finalised.


Material (select to open) Description
VERS Version 2 VEO toolkit

This toolkit can be incorporated in your product, or used as model code for the development of your own code. 

It will assist you to construct VERS Version 2 VEOs including digital signatures and generate manifests.

Additional information about the toolkit:

  • written in Java 1.4
  • available at no cost, ‘as is,’ with no warranties.
  • has the following licence.
Manifest zip file

This zip file contains example manifest files including:

  • manifest schema
  • manifest XSLT transformation to generate a manifest from VEOs
  • end of set' trigger file (note that this file contains no content)
  • VERS document type definition.
Sample VEOs

These sample VEOs include examples of a:

  • record VEO
  • file VEO
  • modified VEO.

Note: Please use Notepad (preferably Notepad ++) to view VEOs which are expressed in XML.