Last updated:

July 31, 2019

Standards review

A review of the Recordkeeping Standards Framework will enable a cohesive, comprehensive and effective set of Standards and Specifications to be available to Victorian public offices to assist with meeting recordkeeping obligations.

The Standards review is nearing completion and we expect the new documentation to be made available in the coming month.


New framework

The Standards Framework will consist of the following:

New Standard Replacing
Access Standard

PROS 11/10 Access Standard

Access to Records in Agency Custody Specification

Access to Records in PROV Custody Specification

Create, Capture and Control Standard*

PROS 11/07 Capture Standard

Capture Specification

Digitisation Requirements Specification

Digitisation Image Requirements Specification

PROS 11/09 Control Standard

Control Specification

Operational Management Standard

PROS 10/17 Operations Management Standard

Operations Management Specification

Strategic Management Standard

PROS 10/10 Strategic Management Standard

Strategic Management Specification


*The new Create, Capture and Control Standard will incorporate VERS requirements and will be accompanied by Specifications around minimum metadata requirements, long term sustainable formats and digitisation requirements.

Each Standard will be accompanied by an Implementation Guideline - these will be made available progressively over 2019-2020, as they are developed.

The following Standards and associated products will remain unchanged:

  • PROS 11/01 Storage Standard (expected to be revised in 2019-2020)
  • PROS 10/13 Disposal Standard (expected to be revised in 2020-2021).