Last updated:

September 14, 2021

Standards review

A review of the Recordkeeping Standards Framework is underway. New Standards and Specifications have been published. You can find these on the Standards framework webpage.

The following Standards and associated products remain unchanged:

  • PROS 10/13 Disposal Standard (expected to be revised in 2020-2021).

Please note: the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS) originally issued a separate Standard with associated Specifications, however these have now been incorporated into the new set of Standards. See VERS Standard for further information. 


Disposal Standard

Plans to review the Disposal Standard and associated Specifications have commenced.

For further information, including expressions of interest in participating in the review as part of an advisory group, please contact:

Alison McNulty
Senior Manager Standards and Policy


Storage Standard

The following new products have now been issued: 

Thank you to all those people who provided input. A number of other storage specifications and guidance products are now under development.

All new Standards and associated documents are located on the Standards Framework topic page.