Last updated:

February 23, 2018

Submissions for Beyond Bluestone have now closed.

The Victorian Archives Centre Lobby Gallery is seeking images from contemporary street photographers for a new exhibition  Beyond Bluestone - Bending  architectural  boundaries to be launched at the Victorian Archives Centre during the first week of March 2018.

The Victorian archival collection contains historic images of Melbourne's built environment dating back to the last century (c1900 onwards), including some of Melbourne's most iconic capital projects of the 20th century. See more images of the City Loop project, like the one above, in our Flickr album.

We hope to contrast these images with images of Melbourne's current urban landscape. We are looking for photographs of Melbourne's built environment (buildings, landmarks, structures etc) taken from a street photography perspective, to be displayed alongside prints of archival images which the curators felt have pushed the boundaries of Melbourne's architectural history.

The theme asks photographers to look beyond our heritage past, beyond the blue-stone alleyways and heritage buildings, and to offer us a contemporary glimpse of Melbourne architecture that mirrors our international reputation, or has stood the test of time in testing boundaries of the past.



•Complete the Submission Form (link removed due to submissions being closed) and email it to  with your name and ‘VAC Gallery’ in the subject line. You must submit the URL links and the image descriptions in the document or you will not be considered. This form must be completed for your image to be considered.

•Up to 3 images can be submitted.

•The photo should pay homage to the theme (open to interpretation) and be street photography (not posed or studio).

•Submit only un-manipulated work that remains true to the original image. This honours the tradition of archival and street photography.

•The works must be published (at low res) online for selection and the URL link included in the submission form. (use Dropbox if you prefer a private URL)

•The original image must be 300 dpi and able to be printed at a size to fit A1 (8MB+).

•For submissions simply provide the URL links. You do not have to send us original images yet. We will ask for your high-resolution files if you are selected to exhibit.

•Submit by 5pm on the 13th of February 2018

•The exhibited submissions will receive their printed copy back at A1 size.

•The VAC Gallery is in the lobby of the Victorian Archives Centre at 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne. Open Monday-Friday and the first and last Saturday each month.

For more information email  subject line ‘VAC Gallery’. Image rights remain with the photographer, VAC Gallery asks permission for use of images for publicity purposes only. This is not a commercial gallery.