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August 13, 2019

We are currently seeking photographs from Melbourne street photographers for our upcoming In The Shadows exhibition. As part of our rotating photographic exhibition program, we display photographs from the State and National archival collections alongside present day photographs submitted by street photographers across Melbourne. Previous exhibitions have included Moving Melbourne, Beyond Bluestone and From Catwalk to Sidewalk - all focused on different themes and ideas such as movement, construction, fashion and style. The next exhibition to be launched in October will be entitled In The Shadows. We are looking for photographers who can offer a unique interpretation of the idea of shadows and impress us with a striking image.

Visit our submissions page for more information. 

Submissions close 5pm Monday 16 September. 



Victorian Archives Centre Gallery
99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne


Image Gallery

photo of the victorian archives centre building with a crowd standing outside
The launch of our last photographic exhibition drew quite a crowd. Be part of the next exhibition, In The Shadows!