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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Current Volunteer Projects

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Some archival records are fragile and require special handling.

 Over 160 Public Record Office Victoria volunteers help us preserve our state’s records by:
  • Removing old packing materials and processing records into new boxes, bag or sleeves.
  • Aiding discovery of records by creating indexes or searchable data.
  • Adding value to records through digitising or even transcribing the text of the records themselves.
If you are interested in joining PROV’s North Melbourne volunteer program, the first step is to attend an information session. Our next session is scheduled for Friday 24 February from 11am to 12noon – you can register your attendance here.  


Current volunteer projects (updated quarterly)


Project: Digitising Wills and Probates (1926-1937)

Great for genealogy, local history or biography, this project builds on the 1840-1925 records which have already been digitised and published. Imaging 100% | Publishing 0% | Est.  completion date 2016. 



Project: Digitising Inquests (1840-1925 and 1926-1937)

Especially popular with genealogists and medical researchers this project also builds on the 1840-1925 records which have already been digitised. Index to be published 2016.  1840-1925: Imaging 100% | Publishing 64%; 1926-1937: Imaging 100% | Publishing 0%



Project: Land Selection Correspondence

Land Selection_Correspondence_Records_of_VictoriaVolunteers are indexing 5903 boxes of correspondence between the Department of Crown Lands and people, companies and agencies. Recorded by name, allotment and parish of selectors. Processing 96% | Data Capture 96% | Publishing 94% | Est.  completion date 2016. 


 Project: La Trobe Correspondence

Link to further information on C J La Trobe and the digitisation projectThe aim of this project is to index and digitise 151 boxes of correspondence received by CJ La Trobe during his time as Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Victoria (1839-1851). Indexing 100% | Image Capture 100% | Publishing 100% | Project completed March 2016!


Project: Historic Plan Collection

Victorian_archive_record_historic_plan_collectionThis project will digitise over 11,500 plans in 48 distinct collections, including pastoral runs, explorer routes, roads and river systems. Arguably the most valuable collection of plans in Australia. Indexing 100% | Imaging 40% | Publishing 20% | Est. completion date 2018.


 Project: Indexing Inquest Deposition Files

Victorian_archive_record_Inquest_Depositions_FileInquest records from 1840 to 1937 are being indexed and digitised for online availability. They’re among the most popular records in the Victorian archives. Indexing 100% | Checking index 97% | Est. completion date 2016.



Project: Bills of Sale

Bills of Sale vol project websiteBills of Sale are financial contracts also known as chattel mortgages. Indexing these records will expose a wellspring of new and interesting information about Victorian society in 1880-1900. Processing 100% | Data Capture 100% | Publishing 0% | Checking 55% | Est. completion date 2016. 


Project: Public Works Department Plans

PWD vol project websiteOver 200,000 plans depict government department offices, schools, hospitals, bridges and more. The project aims to create searchable data to improve researcher access and repackage the records to increase their longevity. Processing 34% | Data Capture 34% | Publishing 36% | Est.  completion date 2020. 


Project: Criminal Trial Briefs

Victorian_Archive_Record_Criminal_Trial_BriefVolunteers are helping to preserve and index 227 boxes of 19th century criminal prosecution records. File listings include name, crime, court location and verdict. Indexing 100% | Checking 100% | Publishing 100% | Project completed November 2015! 



Project: Register of Female Prisoners

Victorian_Archives_Register_of_Female_PrisonersThis project is indexing and digitising records of the crimes and gaol sentences of female prisoners from 1857 to 1934, including their name, crime and subsequent sentencing. Imaging 100% | Data Capture 100% | Publishing 100% | Project completed Sept 2015! 


Project: Soldier Settlement Correspondence

Victorian_archive_Map_of_soldier_settlement_recordsThis project is cataloging 30,000 correspondence files, including records of the settlement of returned soldiers from World War One. This project also prepared content for the 2015 ANZAC centenary project Battle to Farm. Processing 100% | Data Capture 100% | Publishing 100% | Project completed December 2014!  


Project: Ward Registers

Edited Ward of State 1916 00516-P0000-000013-413 (Lucy Nash)Records from 257 registers of wards of the state up to 1895 will be digitised for online availability. The records hold information on how individuals came to be under guardianship. Imaging 100% | Data Capture  100% | Publishing 100% | Project completed Oct 2014!