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Victorian Electronic Records Strategy

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) has been developed by Public Record Office Victoria to help Victorian government agencies manage, store and access their electronic records, and to ensure that Victoria’s key electronic information will be identified, preserved and accessible in the future, regardless of how it was created.


VERS Standard Renewal

PROV has revised the Standard supporting VERS, which is known as PROS 15/03 Standard for the encapsulation of digital information.

Although the new Standard has been released, PROV will not accept records to this Standard until we have developed appropriate compliance and transfer processes. Until then the previous version of the Standard (PROS 99/007 The Management of Electronic Records) is still available for use by agencies.

The VERS Standards page provides further guidance as to which of the two standards agencies should be focusing on.


VERS Long Term Preservation Formats

Agencies using the old version of the VERS standard (PROS 99/007) can now use the Long Term Preservation Formats allowed by the new VERS standard (PROS 15/03).

The key benefit to agencies (and vendors) using the old VERS standard is that it is no longer necessary to migrate common formats  such as Word (.doc or .docx), Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx), or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) documents before transferring them to PROV.

Other supported formats that have been added include HTML, MP3 and MP4 audio, WAV files, and MIME encoded emails.

Details can be found in the revised PROS 99/007 Specification 4.


VERS Compliant Products

PROV has prepared a list of VERS Compliant Products that meet the requirements of one or more of the Specifications under PROS 99/007: Standard for the Management of Electronic Records. 

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