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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Digitised Records and Online Indexes

Digitised records and database indexes can be accessed online by clicking on the entries below.  Find this list through the link to PROV’s digitised records and online indexes at  If you click on a link to a database index you will be taken directly to the index.  If you click on a link to digitised records you will be taken to a page where you can download a pdf of the digitised record. 

Passenger lists

Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923

Index to Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871

Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, U.K. and Foreign Ports, 1852-1923

Wills and probate

Victorian Wills, Probate and Administration Records 1841-2013 Includes an index and digitised records.

Education and teachers

VPRS 13719/P1 Database Index to Teacher Record Books, 1863-1959

Index to VPRS 907/P0 Teacher Examination Papers, 1863-1872

State Schools Listing – Alphabetical and numerical listing of State Schools in Victoria

Digitised records

VPRS 1396/P1 Photographs of State School Buildings in Victoria 1880-2010

VPRS 5675/P0 Index to Special Case Files, Education Department, 1862-1977

VPRS 5676/P0 Register of Special Case Files, Education Department, 1852-1977

VPRS 65/P0 Copy of Inward and Outward Correspondence, Board of Education, 1849-1851

Health & Welfare

Digitised records

VPRS 3654 Register of Vaccinations, Registrar General (1857 – 1932)                           


Digitised records

VPRS 117/P1 Outward Letter Books, Immigration Branch, 1849-1851                               

VPRS 8810 German Immigrants – Estray Correspondence and Passenger Lists (1849-1950)

Koorie Heritage

Digitised records

VPRS 11 Inward Unregistered Correspondence to the Chief Protector of Aborigines 1847–1851

VPRS 10 Inward Registered Correspondence to the Superintendent of Port Phillip District 1839–1851

See PROVguide 67 Koorie Index of Names Project for information about a name index for these records.

VPRS 90/P1 Day Book of Native Police Corps, Narre Warren, Police Magistrate, 1845 – 1853

Land and Property

Index to VPRS 7882/P1 Public Building Files, 1874 – 1988

Index to Public Works Department (Building Services Agency) Plans 1853 – 1998

Index to VPRS 15899 Historic Plans Collection, 1836 – 1984

Index to VPRS 16171 Regional Land Office Parish Plans Digitised Reference Set

Digitised records

VPRS 972 – Summary Contract Books, 1856-1935
VPRS 3457/P0 Photographs, Borough of Stawell, 1909-c.1970                              

VPRS 9582 Plan of Old Melbourne Cemetery, 1873 

VPRS 9583/P3-Alphabetical Record of Burials – Old Melbourne Cemetery, 1866-1917

VPRS 4097/P3 Flemington and Kensington Rate Books, 1882-1894

VPRS 5708/P9 Melbourne Rate Books, 1861-1975

VPRS 5707/P3 Hotham/North Melbourne Rate Books, 1855-1905

Images online: Public Transport Corporation, Melbourne Harbour Trust Lantern Slides and the 1956 Olympics

Digitised records

VPRS 12800 and VPRS 12903 Public Transport Corporation Photographic Collection Railway Negatives

VPRS 10742/P1 Photographic Negatives [1956 Melbourne Olympics Photographic Collection]

VPRS 8360/P1 and VPRS 8361/P1 Melbourne Harbour Trust Lantern Slides (c. 1870s – c. 1960s)

Early publicans and pastoral runs

Index to VPRS 7/P0 Treasurer’s Correspondence Relating to Publicans, 1838 -1855

Index to VPRS 7/P0 Treasurer’s Correspondence Relating to Pastoral Runs, 1838 -1855

VPRS 8159 Index to Defunct Hotel Licenses (1857 – 1932)

Prisoners and convicts

Digitised records

VPRS 89/P0 Notification of Exiles, 1844 – 1849

VPRS 90/P1 Day Book of the Native Police, 1845-1853

VPRS 108/P0 Register, Police Magistrate, Portland, 1840-1853

VPRS 110/P0 Register of Convicts, 1842 – 1854

VPRS 515/P1 Central Register of Male Prisoners (search for your prisoner surname within series 515)

VPRS 516/P1 Central Register of Female Prisoners (search for your prisoner surname within series 516)

VPRS 519/P2 Register of Prisoners under Sentence of Hard Labour, 1847-1853

VPRS 10867/P0 Alphabetical Index to Central Register of Male Prisoners, 1868-1947

VPRS 10879/P0 Alphabetical Index to Central Register of Female Prisoners, 1857-1948

Divorce, insolvency and other civil court records

VPRS 5335/P5 Index to Divorce Cause Books, 1861-1932

Index to VPRS 75/P0 Certificate of Discharge, Court of Insolvency, Melbourne, 1848-1875

Index to VPRS 12024/P1 Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files, 1884 – 1922

Index to VPRS 815/P0 Court of Insolvency Records, Geelong [1855-57 portion only]

Index to VPRS 13353 Court of Petty Sessions Register of Applications for the Victorian Old-age Pension, North Melbourne, 1902 – c.1908

Mental health

Digitised records

VPRS 7446/P1 Alphabetical Lists of Patients in Asylums, 1849-1885

VPRS 7427/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Ararat Asylum, 1867-1906

VPRS 7426/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Ballarat Asylum, 1893-1907

VPRS 7428/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Ballarat/Sunbury Asylums, 1877-1907

VPRS 8236/P1 Register of Patients, Ballarat/Sunbury Asylums, 1877-1920

VPRS 7395/P1 Case Books of Male Patients, Beechworth Asylum, 1867-1912

VPRS 7396/P1 Case Books of Female Patients, Beechworth Asylum, 1878-1912

VPRS 7493/P1 Register of Patients, Bendigo Receiving Ward, 1874-1908

VPRS 7721/P1 Register of Patients, Collingwood Asylum, 1866-1873

VPRS 7425/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Kew Asylum, 1871-1906

VPRS 7690/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Kew Asylum, 1871-1914

VPRS 7680/P1 Register of Patients, Kew Asylum, 1871-1919

VPRS 7423/P1 Nominal Register of Patients, Royal Park Hospital for the Insane, 1907-1913

VPRS 7490/P1 Asylum Records [Case Books], Sunnyside Licensed House, 1905-1915

VPRS 7422/P1 Index to Male and Female Case Books, Yarra Bend Asylum, 1848-1912

Central Melbourne

Index to VPRS 840 International Exhibition Melbourne Photograph Albums, 1888

VPRS 8851/P1 Database of Records in VPRS 8850 of the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens and Related Organisations, 1857-1991

Digitised records

VPRS 1 Outward Letter Books, Police Magistrate, Port Phillip District (1836-1840)

VPRS 2 Confidential Despatches to Governor Bourke, 1836 – 1837

VPRS 6 Outward Letter Books (Surveyor General’s Department, Port Phillip Branch) 1836-1856

VPRS 19/P1 Inward Correspondence, Superintendent of Port Phillip, 1839-1851

VPRS 20/P0 La Trobe Confidential Correspondence, 1842-1843

VPRS 3366 Correspondence Book of Assistant to Inspector of Fisheries, Port Fairy (including Fishing Licences and Boat Registrations)

VPRS 5517 Duplicated Returns And Requisitions (Police Magistrate Port Phillip District) 1836-1839

VPRS 8904/P1 Subject Index to Town Clerks Correspondence Files, City of Melbourne, 1913-1983

Coronial Records

VPRS 10010 Index to Body Cards 1959 – 1985     


Regional records

VPRS 4771 Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans, 1858 – 1938
VPRS 1019 Mining Surveyor’s Surveys, Ballarat East Division, 1871 – 1872


VPRS 2170 Court of Petty Sessions/Magistrates’ Court Registers, ? 1888 – ? 1988
VPRS 2204 Court Of Petty Sessions Record Books, ? 1875 – 1878
VPRS 16652 Court of Petty Sessions Cause List Books, ? 1875 – 1888
VPRS 16655 Indigo Shire Rate Books, 1856 – ? 1871
VPRS 16729 Court of General Sessions Minutes of Proceedings, 1854 – 1868
VPRS 16730 Court of General Sessions Criminal Record Record Book, 1874 – 1942 

Company Records 

VPRS 8268 Defunct Company, Association and Business Name Registrations (Microfiche Output from Computer System


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