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Mental Health

Public Record Office Victoria holds extensive records from many of the institutions which have provided some form of care or control over people with a mental illness and people with an intellectual disability.   Most of these records are clinical records, documenting the treatment of individuals admitted to mental institutions. Although the alphabetical listings of patients and the indexes to patients (register) can be viewed online most of the case books about individual patients are not view-able online. If the case book you’re looking for is not online yet note down the name, the institution and their admission date from the indexes, then order the case books. The case books are notes about the patient and they’re sorted by location and date of admission. Once you’ve ordered the case book you can then view the patient details in the relevant reading room.

Select a category below to begin your search or view the PROVguide to help you with your search:


Alphabetical Lists of Patients in Asylums 1849-1885


Ararat Asylum – Nominal Register of Patients 1867-1906

Ararat Case Books – Female Patients   and  Ararat Case Books – Male Patients 


Ballarat / Sunbury Asylum – Nominal Register of Patients 1877-1907

Ballarat Asylum – Case Books of Female Patients (1893-?1898) and Case Books of Female Patients (1877-1912)

Ballarat Asylum – Case Books of Male Patients


Beechworth Asylum – Case Books of Male Patients 1867-1912

Beechworth Asylum – Case Books of Female Patients 1878-1912


Bendigo Receiving Ward – Register of Patients 1874-1908


Collingwood Asylum – Register of Patients 1866-1873

Collingwood Asylum Case Books Female and Male patients 


Kew Asylum – Register of Patients 1871-1919

Kew Case Books Female Patients  and Kew Case books of Male Patients 

Royal Park

Royal Park Hospital for the Insane – Nominal Register of Patients 1907-1913


Sunnyside Licensed House – Asylum Records (case books) 1905-1915

Yarra Bend

Yarra Bend Asylum – Index to Male and Female Case Books 1848-1912 

Yarra Bend Case Books for Female Prisoners  and Yarra Bend Case Books of Male Patients 


PROVguide 59: Mental Health Records



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