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By Edwin Richard Living re: Jerilderie Bank hold up

VPRS 4969 Consignment P0 Unit1 Item 28 Record 1 Document: By Edwin Richard Living re: Jerilderie Bank hold up

circa 1879


Undated, this statement by Edwin Richard Living provides a brief account of the hold-up at the Bank of New South Wales in the town of Jerilderie.. The Outlaws rode into Jerilderie that day with a dual purpose, to both rob the bank and to have Ned’s manifesto – the Jerilderie Letter, printed by the town’s newspaper editor. Upon discovering that the editor and town printer Mr. Gill could not be found, Living, a teller at the bank of New South Wales, convinced Ned that he would pass his letter onto Mr. Gill to be printed. Having been assured by the teller that the letter was in good hands and that it would be printed, the outlaws rode out of town confident that Living would keep his promise. Unfortunately for Ned, Edwin Living never kept his promise and once again Ned’s attempt to get his side of the story published and made available to the public were thwarted.

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Edwin Richard Living
In February 1879 I was teller in the Bank at Jerilderie in N. S. W. and am still in the Employment of that Bank in Melbourne. I remember the 10 Feby 1879 I was in the Bank premises in Jerilderie. I saw the prisoner there. I first saw him in the Bank and he was in the Back yard and came into the Bank at the back door -he was armed- Four men all armed with revolvers came together. The Prisoner said we are going to stick up the Bank and wanted some money. He robbed the Bank The Hotel adjoins the Bank. I afterwards heard him speaking in the Hotel to a number of people in reference to the Murder of the Police at Wombat, he showed a revolver which he said had been taken from the Police Who had been shot – he had it in his hand. He had no gun with him. I could not ? he named any one of the Policeman definitely that had been shot. Other people were asking Pris as to the shooting of the Police and he said the Gun he shot them with was an old one but very good and bound up in some way I cannot say whether he said with string or wire. he said he could shoot round the corner with it. he was telling this to the people in the bar. I asked him something in reference to the Banks Books and he said you come along with me and I had to go with him. he asked where the

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VPRS 4969 Consignment P0 Unit1 Item 28 Record 1 Document: By Edwin Richard Living re: Jerilderie Bank hold up


X by Gaunson

newspaper office was. Mr Gill is the owner of the newspaper. he said come on look for him. I went with him I knew where Gill lived. Gill was away and we saw Mrs gill in the yard he asked her where her husband was. She said she did not know and he then told her he wanted her Husband to print something for him. She told him she did not know where he was and at the same time he produced a sort of manuscript. I then said give it to me and after more hesitation he gave it to me and said get it printed. This a bit of my life I had not time to finish it I will finish it at another time. he said I want you to get it printed. I said all right and put it into my pocket and I said I’ll see its done. A part of this had been published that part relative to the murder of the Police at the Wombat ranges. When the first man came in I went to the Bank alone he came from the direction of the back yard of the Royal Hotel. The Bank yard & it are all one. Byrne was the man who stuck me up. the junior clerk of the bank ? came in the front door No one else came into the back door until I was taken into the hotel I saw a man I was told he was Dan Kelly in the bar. I first saw the prisoner when I was going from the bank to the hotel in custody of Byrne

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VPRS 4969 Consignment P0 Unit1 Item 28 Record 1 Document: By Edwin Richard Living re: Jerilderie Bank hold up

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