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Ned Kelly to Sergeant Babington

VPRS 937/P Unit 272 Document: Edward Kelly to Sergeant James Babington



The only surviving recorded document bearing Ned Kelly’s handwriting, this letter to Sergeant James Babington of the Kyneton police was written just a few weeks after his release from Kyneton’s police station. The letter’s final four lines “every one looks on me like A black snake send me an answer me as soon as posable” indicate Ned’s feeling of isolation upon his return to Greta – the locals perceived him as the betrayer of the legendary bushranger Harry Power. Although the letter is littered with grammatical errors, it is an indication that despite Ned’s limited education, he knew how to both read and write.

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James Babington 28th JulyI write these lines hoping to find you and Mister Nickelson in good health as I am myself at present I have arrived safe and I would like you would see what you and and Mstr. Nickelson could do for me I have done all circomstances would alow me which you now try what you con do answer this letter as soon as posabel direct your letter to Daniel Kelly gretta post office That is my name no more at presant

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VPRS 937/P Unit 272 Edward Kelly to Sergeant James Babington

Edward Kelly
Every one lookes on me like aA black snake send me an answer me as soon posable

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VPRS 937 P0 Unit 272 Edward Kelly to Sergeant James Babington

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