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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

20th February Fast Facts

Our staff have visited records stored by agencies in all sorts of strange spots over the years: the dome of a town hall, a water tank, a disused toilet block, a boat shed and even an old well! When agencies find these sorts of situations they quickly alert us for advice on retrieving and preserving the records.

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State Government of Victoria Logo

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The Case of Alfred Bye

Archival Snapshot

Wild Colonial Boys now showing at Old Treasury Building

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Victoria's hidden history revealed

1 January 2017 Section 9 record openings

Public Record Office Victoria holds a vast array of records created by Victorian Government departments and authorities including the State’s courts, local councils, schools, public hospitals and other public offices.

The records date from the establishment of the Port Phillip District in the mid 1830s right through to today and include information relating to areas of activity managed or regulated by government such as the administration of justice, immigration, health and welfare, land, education, Indigenous communities, planning, transport, and resource management.

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Final Month of Mos to Mullets Exhibition

This is the final month of the Victorian Archive Centre’s first collaborative photographic exhibition at their new VAC Gallery, a space dedicated to exhibiting the state government’s archived photographic collections, alongside contemporary street photography.  The free exhibition Hair: from Mos to Mullets, charts the evolution of hairstyles from the dashing bearded men of 1880 to […]

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Photo of Ballarat Gaol

Ballarat Prison Registers conservation

Conservation Between November 2015 and July 2016, The University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation undertook work on the conservation of ten of PROV’s Ballarat Personal Descriptions of Prisoners Received books, or prison registers (from the series VPRS 10859). The registers date back to 1858 and cover 84 years of Ballarat history featuring […]

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Mug shot of Alfred Bye

The case of Alfred Bye

Under Section 9 of the Public Records Act 1973, files of a personal or private nature are closed from between 75 to 99 years to prevent the violation of personal privacy. On the 1st of January 2017, another year of files was opened to the public for the first time. The following record is included in this […]

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