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  1. The ‘Monster Petition’ and the Women of Davis Street

    …of seven women who were left out of the history books. Working-class and living in Davis Street, North Carlton, Agnes, Eliza, Helen, Ellen, Sarah, Ada and Jessie were not ‘history makers’, yet they still made history. Their stories paint a fuller, more accurate picture of women’s history and the history of the suffrage movement in Victoria. This paper argues for the significance of all historical figures, and suggests that the s…

  2. Nichola Cooke:

    ….1 How different from the way that she lived her life! Nichola was born in Ireland, circa 1800, the daughter of Agnes and Thomas Sargent, a Surveyor of Excise and a Sub-Commissioner for Great Britain and Ireland for 41 years. 2 In October 1816 Nichola married Benjamin Cooke, Esq. of Midleton, near Cork.3 The couple made their home at Ann Street, Cork, but Benjamin died in May 1822, aged 29. 4 It appears that the couple had no children. Following…

  3. Round 11 Recipients – Local History Grants Program

    …significance to our area. This project will research and produce an interpretive display detailing the life of Agnes Buntine a famous local bullocky who made regular journeys from Port Albert through Rosedale to the gold fields with supplies. Moyston Hall Committee Moyston Hall Centenary Book Awarded: $8,000 This project will record and publish the history of Moyston to celebrate the centenary of the hall in 2014….

  4. Lowe Kong Meng and Chinese Engagement in the International Trade of Colonial Victoria

    …1863. Thomas Bradley Harris photo album, on website The Eastern window, p. 27 (accessed 12 March 2012).   Agnes Kong Meng, c. 1863. Thomas Bradley Harris photo album, on website The Eastern window, p. 27 (accessed 12 March 2012).   Kong Meng’s association with Europeans was not confined to Melbourne. An album of 1860s’ photos originating from Yankee entrepreneur Thomas Bradley Harris locates Kong Meng, his brothers, cousins and Annie i…

  5. PROVguide 29: Wills and Probate Records 1841 – 2013

    …Before any records held by PROV can be reproduced, for example in a printed publication, exhibition or website, the written permission of the copyright holder must first be obtained. Please consult PROVguide 25 Copyright for Researchers for details. Example recordAn excerpt from the will of Agnes SmithPROV, VPRS 7591/P2, Unit 302, Item 74/783.   Further Information HOW TOguide 29: Accessing a Will and Probate Record 1841 – 2009…

  6. Campbell and Woolley’s Store

    …and a large number of relatives, servants and friends landed at Point Henry in January 1839.[8] These included Agnes, the infant daughter of thirty‑year‑old Katherine. They had five drays with bullocks, and a spring cart on which were packed the family, along with four little dogs, three cats, some cocks and hens, a pair of rabbits, three pigs, some geese and ducks. The party set off in the general direction that would eventually bring them to t…

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