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Cloud Computing

This policy will allow agencies to confidently address recordkeeping issues when moving into cloud technology. 

Button_Policy_Small Recordkeeping Policy: Recordkeeping Implications of Cloud Computing

Agencies should include records risks when conducting their risk assessment of adopting cloud solutions. Particular care needs to be taken when the information is of a sensitive or private nature. Records should only be stored in a cloud environment that complies with all Victorian legislation and policy.  Agencies should ensure that agreements with vendors include clauses that protect agency data. The Guidelines provide assistance in complying with these requirements.

This Policy is supported by the following two Guidelines:

button_guide_small Cloud Computing Guideline 1: Cloud Computing Decision Making
button_guide_small Cloud Computing Guideline 2: Cloud Computing Tools

For ease of use, the 4 tools are also available as individual files to download in PDF format. The checklists and risk assessment templates are also available as editable Word documents.

  1. Risk Assessment Tools (PDF version, Word version)
  2. Contract Checklist (PDF version, Word version)
  3. Requirements Checklist (PDF version, Word version)
  4. Document Map (PDF version)

Both the Policy and the Guidelines were developed in accordance with the issues determined by and the feedback received on the Recordkeeping Implications for Cloud Computing Issues Paper.

   Recordkeeping Implications for Cloud Computing Issues Paper (Word version)

  Recordkeeping Implications for Cloud Computing Issues Paper (PDF version)

We would like to acknowledge and thank the experts who provided comments on the Issues Paper.


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