Last updated:

June 18, 2021

About our Standards

Under the Public Records Act 1973, the Keeper of Public Records is responsible for the establishment of mandatory Standards for the efficient management of public records. The head of every Victorian public office is responsible for ensuring compliance with them.

The Standards apply to records held in all formats and organisational systems. Some of the Standards have Specifications which give technical requirements that public offices must comply with. Guidelines will be developed to assist with implementation.

The Standards enable compliance with Australian and International Standards and support other Victorian Government requirements. They also support PROV's Victorian Electronic Records Strategy: Digital Forever 2018-21.

Please note: There is a new Storage Standard and APROSS Specification. See the table at the bottom of this page for an outline of the new Standards and which Standards/Specifications they have replaced.


Strategic Magement Capture Control Storage Access Disposal Operations ManagementVERS

Standards framework

The Access Standard is comprised of the following areas:

  • Open access
  • Open access to records created in custody of Keeper
  • Accessibility

PROS 19/06 Access Standard

This Standard and associated documentation can be found on the Disposal Standard webpage.

Note: It is expected that the Disposal Standard and related products will be revised in 2020-2021.

The Operational Management Standard is comprised of the following areas:

  • System planning and procurement
  • System maintenance
  • Processes
  • Training and awareness
  • Contracting

PROS 19/04 Operational Management Standard

To assist with implementation of this Standard, view the Operational Management Guideline.

The Storage Standard is comprised of the following areas:

  • Authorisation
  • Protection and security
  • Survival as readable records
  • Risk management
  • Use of external storage providers

PROS 20/02 Storage Standard

PROS 20/02 S1 APROSS Specification

PROS 20/02 S2 Places Appointed to Store and Manage State Archives Specification

PROS 20/02 S3 Class B Places of Deposit Requirements Specification

PRO 61 Plan for Determining Retention for Records in APROSS

PRO 62 Plan for Transferring Records in APROSS to PROV

New guidelines and templates to support the new Storage Standard and APROSS Specification are being developed and will be published shortly.

Major changes between the old and new storage requirements are outlined here: PROS 20/02 FS1 Major changes to the new Storage Standard.

To assist with implementation of this Standard and the Specifications, view the below guidelines and Fact Sheets. These documents are due to be revised and updated, but may still be useful for you. 


PROS 11/01 G2 Implement a storage program

PROS 11/01 G5 Records storage

PROS 11/01 G6 Storage authorisation and inspection program

The Strategic Management Standard is comprised of the following areas:

  • Valuing records
  • Establishment, governance and accountability
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy
  • Digital transition
  • Assessment and measurement
  • Transferring functions outside the Victorian Public Sector
  • Transferring functions between Victorian public offices

PROS 19/03 Strategic Management Standard

To assist with implementation of this Standard, view the Strategic Management Guideline.

Mapping of the old to new Standards

New Standard Replacing

PROS 19/06

Access Standard

PROS 11/10 Access Standard

Access to Records in Agency Custody Specification

Access to Records in PROV Custody Specification

PROS 19/05

Create, Capture and Control Standard*

PROS 11/07 Capture Standard

Capture Specification

Digitisation Requirements Specification

Digitisation Image Requirements Specification

PROS 11/09 Control Standard

Control Specification

PROS 99/007 Standard and Specifications**

PROS 15/03 Standard and Specifications

PROS 19/04

Operational Management Standard

PROS 10/17 Operations Management Standard

Operations Management Specification

PROS 19/03

Strategic Management Standard

PROS 10/10 Strategic Management Standard

Strategic Management Specification

PROS 20/02

Storage Standard

PROS 11/01 Storage Standard

Agency Records Storage Specification


* The Create, Capture and Control Standard incorporates the majority of requirements from the VERS Standards and Specifications. 

** Agencies that have implemented and configured a system in accordance with PROS 99/007 requirements — namely VERS Version 2 VEO creation — can continue to refer to the PROS 99/007 Standard and its associated Specifications and Advices for the life of the system.

See VERS Standard for further information.