Last updated:

August 12, 2021


Public records must be disposed of when:

  • they are no longer needed for administrative use by an agency, and
  • the retention period they must be kept for under Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) standards has expired.

Proper disposal of public records reduces storage and other costs and helps ensure that records are preserved for the appropriate time period. Disposal can involve either destruction of records of temporary retention value or transfer of state archives to PROV or a registered Place of Deposit. Any destruction of public records by your agency must be lawful.


Disposal Standard

Disposal Standard PROS 10/13 Retention & Disposal Authorities (RDAs) Developing Disposal Authorities Specification PROS 10/13 S1 Implementing Disposal Authorities Specification PROS 10/13 S2 Transfer of State Archives to PROV Specification PROS 10/13 S3 Developing an RDA Guideline PROS 10/13 G1 Implementing a Disposal Programme Guideline PROS 10/13 G2 Transfer of records to PROV: Physical Guideline PROS 10/13 G4 Destruction Guideline PROS 10/13 G3 Transferring records to PROV Fact Sheet


Issued by PROV, this standard provides a set of mandatory principles for Victorian government agencies regarding disposal of public records.  Your agency is expected to fully comply with each principle contained in the standard by implementing the particular requirements as detailed in the relevant specification/s.


Fact Sheets

The following suite of fact sheets will help agencies with understanding the transfer process to PROV and with completion of the transfer forms.


Transferring Cabinet-in-Confidence Records Fact Sheets

The following suite of fact sheets are to be used by Cabinet and Legislation Liaison Officers (CLLOs) who have responsibility for the management of Cabinet-in-Confidence (CIC) records in their department.