Last updated:

June 24, 2020

Public Records Act 1973

Public Record Office Victoria was established under the Public Records Act 1973 - the Act can be found here

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)’s objectives outlined in the Act are to:

• issue standards regulating the creation, maintenance and security of public records including the selection and disposal of public records not worthy of preservation

• advise and assist agencies in achieving compliance with issued standards

• preserve public records of permanent value as the state archives

• ensure that the archives are accessible to the government and the people of Victoria.


Regulations made and administered 

Regulations are made under section 23 of the Public Records Act 1973 and are known as the Public Records Regulations 2013. The regulations prescribe fees for making and supplying copies of public records and set out conditions for the inspection of public records and use of facilities provided by Public Record Office Victoria. Read the regulations here.


The Public Records Advisory Council

The Act also established the Public Records Advisory Council to advise the Minister on administration of the Act and to promote co-operation between Public Record Office Victoria and other government agencies. Public Record Office Victoria is advised by a Council known as the Public Records Advisory Council or PRAC.

Council members are appointed by Special Minister of State, the Hon. Gavin Jennings MLC. Council members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to PROV.


PRAC President

Judy Maddigan is the PRAC President. Judy brings to the Council a wealth of experience in public administration with parliamentary service spanning from 1996-2010, during which she served as MLA for Essendon, as Speaker of the Victorian Assembly and as Opposition Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts.


Council members

Historical Research (Academic)
Prof. Keir Reeves is the Council member representing historical research (academic). Prof. Reeves is a career historian who is engaged in all areas of Australian History and cultural heritage. Over the past 15 years he has taught and researched Australian history, cultural heritage, economic history and cultural tourism at the University of Melbourne. Monash University, the University of Cambridge and in his current role as Professor of Australian History at Federation University.

Historical Research (Public History)
Belinda Ensor is the Council member representing historical research (public history). Ms Ensor is an experienced cultural practitioner who is both a trained historian and film producer. She has strong connections to community groups, museums and historical societies.

Genealogy and Local History
Susie Zada is the council member representing genealogy and local history. Ms Zada has a strong background in local and family history, having researched and published several books as well as historical interpretive displays, CDs, Indexes and several websites on local history.


Public Administration
David Brous is the council member representing Public Administration. Mr Brous is currently the Principal of Impact Consulting group and since serving on PRAC he has continued to strengthen his experience in public administration across Victorian Government departments, agencies and boards.


Finance and Business Administration
Deidre Missingham is the Council member representing Finance and Business Administration. She is currently employed as a senior solicitor for the Victorian Government Solicitors Office, where she specialises in providing legal services to government on privacy, data, information management, freedom of information and intellectual property.


Indigenous Heritage
Bonnie Chew is the Council member representing Indigenous Heritage. As a Wadawurrung Traditional Owner, Ms Chew has a strong personal interest in the preservation and promotion of indigenous history. She also has excellent community connections, having worked closely with Elders including Jim Berg and the late Wally Cooper as a member of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council.