Christina Twomey is Professor of History at Monash University. Her most recent book, The battle within: POWs in postwar Australia (NewSouth, 2018) won the New South Wales Premiers' Prize for Australian History.

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David F. Radcliffe is Professor Emeritus of Engineering Education at Purdue University, Indiana. A mechanical engineer, his academic career centred on the practise of engineering as a profession and the history of engineering education. His scholarship and research draws on the humanities and social sciences and has involved collaboration with anthropologists, learning scientists, librarians, designers and architects. He authored A pictorial history of the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University (Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, 2016).

Adrien McCrory is a PhD candidate at the Australian Catholic University. He is currently writing his thesis on the experiences of trans and gender diverse Australians in the criminal justice system across the course of the twentieth century. He has a background in histories of crime and gender, having written his honours thesis on press responses to female criminals in twentieth-century Victoria. He is a transgender man and is passionate about exploring gender diversity throughout history.

Dr Amanda Lourie is an historian. She has worked as a researcher in native title and undertaken cultural heritage work. Amanda has been a project officer and researcher for the ARC project, ‘Howitt and Fison’s Archive’, and researcher for the ARC project ‘Lawful Relations’. She is about to commence as a researcher on the ARC project ‘Entangled Knowledges in the Robert Neill Collection’.

Rebecca Le Get is an independent, early career researcher in the field of environmental history. Her research has primarily focused on the former grounds of tuberculosis hospitals from the late nineteenth to the mid–twentieth century in Victoria, including how the landscapes surrounding these institutions formed part of patient treatment regimens.

Catherine Gay is a Hansen PhD Scholar in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her research examines the lives of First Nations and settler girls in nineteenth-century Australia with a focus on the colony of Victoria. In 2021 she was awarded a National Library of Australia Summer Scholarship and the Lloyd Robson Memorial Award through the University of Melbourne. Passionate about museums, material culture and public history, Catherine is a research associate at Museums Victoria.

Joan Tehan is a journalist and former owner and publisher of a Victorian country newspaper. She joined Hazel Edwards' writing course at the Victorian Archives Centre in January 2020 to write the story of her career in the media. 

Law graduate Lina is being mentored by Hazel Edwards as part of the 'Complete Your Book in a Year' course that started at the Victorian Archives Centre. She is writing a family memoir.

Dr Sebastian Gurciullo is a professional archivist, curator, editor and writer. He has worked at the National Archives of Australia, Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and University of Melbourne Archives. He has been the editor of the Australian Society of Archivists journal Archives and Manuscripts and PROV's journal Provenance. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Archives and Manuscripts, and the assistant editor of Provenance.

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