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July 24, 2019

These online publications will assist you with specific areas of research. They can be read online or downloaded for your own convenience.

Look history in the eye

a colour painting of a woman's eye and lamplight

Discover the collection

Provenance 2018

Provenance 2018

Issue 16, 2018 ISSN: 1832-2522

walata tyamateetj - research guide

Artwork image

A guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria

Lands guide

An image of a map

Researching records of Crown land in Victoria

Finding your story

Vicki Couzens artwork

Resource manual to the records of the Stolen Generations in Victoria

Private lives, public records

Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works base plan

Navigating through Victorian government archives for family research

Community grants & awards

An image of a crowded auditorium

A booklet about our funding programs

Historic homes

Colour drawing of a house

Researching historic homes through public records

Finding your mob

image of artwork by Vicki Couzens

Researching Aboriginal family history at the Victorian Archives Centre

Footprints publication

Studio portait of the Pepper family circa 1912, courtesy of the Pepper family

The journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper