Last updated:

July 4, 2022

This guideline is based on the Council of Australasian Archival and Recordkeeping Authorities (CAARA) issued paper Functional Requirements for Managing Records in Microsoft 365.

Please note that it repeats multiple sections from the CAARA M365 Paper for ease of reference. Additional content strives to align the CAARA principles and requirements with PROV Standards to assist agencies with implementation in the Victorian jurisdiction. 

This guideline covers the following areas:

  • Design and configuration of M365 implementations
  • M365 licences, contracts, or agreements
  • M365 systems governance structures
  • Creation and capture of records of business conducted in M365
  • Access to records in M365
  • Contextual relationships between records in M365
  • Monitoring M365 for risk to records
  • Disposal of records in M365
  • Migrating records from within M365 to external systems
  • Decommissioning M365
  • Transferring permanent value records from within M365 to PROV