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79 grants were announced on 22 April 2008 by the Hon. Lynne Kosky, Minister for Arts. 


Australian Western Thrace Turkish Association Inc

Translation and Publication of a History Book

Awarded: $9,600

Translation of the book “History of Western Thrace Turks in Australia” from Turkish to English. Publishing and distributing the book to libraries, schools and community groups.


Northcote High School

Published History of Northcote High School

Awarded: $4,000

Research, write and publish a History of Northcote High School 1926-2006.


Victorian Women’s Trust

Women of the Monster Petition: Localising the History of the Women’s Suffrage Campaign in Victoria

Awarded: $10,000

The Project will map the geographic journey of the 1891 ‘Monster’ Petition for Women’s Suffrage across Victoria.The history and journey of the petition campaigners will be published in book and electronic form.


Pyramid Hill & District Historical Society

Bandages Bedpans Pills & Stethoscopes: A History of all things medical in Pyramid Hill and surrounding Districts

Awarded: $3,000

Researching though the microfilm of the Pyramid Hill Advertiser from 1890 to 1971 for information on midwives, doctors, nurses, dentists, herbalists, early hospitals and the Bush Nursing hospital.


Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

Victorian Crown Grantees Index: Part 2

Awarded: $3,520

AIGS proposes to produce and publish on CD format an Index of names of persons granted Crown Lands in Victoria from 1837 to the present.  The index links names with relevant maps of Victorian parishes and provides a comprehensive listing of the file numbers to access the appropriate Correspondence Files held by PROV.


Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College

Cataloguing, storage in acid free boxes and giving access to archival material

Awarded: $5,000

Determine the amount and types of archival material we have about the College’s 100 year history; properly catalogue records and undertake basic preservation work including binding of student newsletters, re-framing of annual photographs and storage of material in acid free boxes.


Loddon Shire Council

Images of our past – Crossing the Loddon

Awarded: $3,700

A Community Building Art Project using historic photographs onto tiles of Bridgewater Township and river area covering the past four generations.  The tiled mural will celebrate and share local history in a public way.


Murtoa & District Historical Society & Community Museum Inc

Data Collected From 1882-onwards Newspapers microfilms

Awarded: $11,750

Purchase a Canon scanner and printer to research/print data from old microfilmed newspapers describing local and family history, to add new stories to our video screen presentations in both of our buildings.


Bellarine Historical Society Inc

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six-panel display unit & carry bag with a roll-up banner & stand, to enable our Society and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Society and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

The Memory Bank

Awarded: $4,900

The ‘Memory Bank’ is an initiative which will collect (and ‘bank’) significant photographic images and their associated stories from the communities of the Yarra Ranges.


Birregurra District Historical Centre Inc

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six-panel display unit & carry bag with a roll-up banner & stand, to enable our Society and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Society and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Glenelg Shire Council

Our Shire, Our Past establishing meaningful displays in the Casterton Town Hall Foyer

Awarded: $3,840

To establish the infrastructure to present cohesive and relevant displays in the Casterton Town Hall foyer which communicate aspects of the history of the former Shire of Glenelg.


Wandong – Heathcote Junction Community Group Inc

Wandong – Heathcote Junction History Recording

Awarded: $3,660

Produce a brochure to promote Wandong-Heathcote Junction mainly focussing on the history and including our Wandong walking trail which will have key historical sites marked by installation of plaques to cross reference a book on the history of Wandonga Heathcote Junction.


SS. Peter and Paul’s Parish Magazine Committee

History of SS Peter & Paul’s Catholic Parish East Doncaster – 1960 to 2010

Awarded: $2,500

Research, record and publish the development of Ss. Peter & Paul’s Parish incorporating school and church. Tell the story of the people who pioneered and developed the community.  It will provide a tangible recognition of the people who contributed to its development.


Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Conservation and Preservation of Kyneton Mechanics Institute Collection

Awarded: $5,000

Conserve the collection including the photographs and to return this part of the collection to public viewing. It is anticipated that the completed work will form part of the buildings 150th celebration. As part of this project the working group will develop and document a management agreement which will ensure that the KMI Collection is looked after in the future.


Dadswells Bridge Progress Association

Dadswells Bridge History Walk

Awarded: $9,500

To create a Dadswells Bridge History Walk by installing 14 colour thermally printed story boards (600mmx400mm),in a powder coated vandal proof frame, waist high on a 45deg angle with 2 poles cemented into the ground at selected sites within the hamlet of Dadswells Bridge.


Mornington Peninsula Family History Association Inc 

Index of the Mount Eliza Roads Board/Shire of Mornington Rates Books 1862 – 1885  (Includes Parishes of Frankston, Moorooduc, Tyabb, Bittern and occasionally others)

Awarded: $3,000

The Project involves the indexing of the rates books of the Mount Eliza Roads Board later the Shire of Mornington 1862 to 1885, held at the Public Record Ofice of Victoria, and the publication of these on CD.


Aberfeldie Bowls Club Inc

Photographic restoration and storage project

Awarded: $1,200

The project plan is to ensure that theya rare restored as required, catalogued and archived and in some cases displayed at the club. This is particularly important as the club approaches its centenary in 2010. The club intends to compile a pblication of its history, preferably on time for its centenary and again the photos will be important in this.


Altona Yacht Club Inc

A History of Community Sailing by Ancient Mariners

Awarded: $4,400

The project will record anecdotes from founding members and others, research historical documents and sort into chronological order for the publication of a book about Altona Yacht Club, from its inception to current times. The history will tell the story of working class families following World War II in forming a sailing club to a nationally recognised training centre and raising world class sailors.



History Matters – Small Towns with Big Hearts – A Rural Perspective

Awarded: $6,000

The project will preserve the local history and knowledge obtained from small rural communities in and around Red Cliffs. It will provide the Red Cliffs and District Historical Society with the opportunity to transfer recorded local history and knowledge from degrading cassettes, Dictaphone recordings, hand written material to CD and/or DVD and utilise scanning technology to preserve local rural historical information.


Wonthaggi and District Historical Society

Publication – Wonthaggi State Coal Mine History 1909 – 1968

Awarded: $9,000

Publish the history of all the mines worked as the State Coal Mine – Wonthaggi. Researched and written by the late Jon Sleeman (BHP Mine Manager), edited by John Coghlan, B.A., B. Ed.


Cobden Bowling Club Inc

History of Cobden Bowling Club Inc

Awarded: $3,000

Collate minute books, newspaper articles, reproduce photographs, interview last foundation member and other members and publish the 65 years of club history.


Wycheproof Historical Society

Help me find my Grandparents

Awarded: $1,500

Scan, caption and catalog digital images of an estimated 2700 photos of Wycheproof and District dating from 1877 onwards to store on laptop in a central depository.


Yallourn North & District Historical Society Inc

“Welcome to Little Europe” – DP’s of the North Camp, Yallourn North – book project

Awarded: $5,000

Produce a local history book in an initial print run of 500, detailing events between 1947 and 1950, when the single men’s camp at Yallourn North was used to house several hundred male Displaced Persons, working for the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.


Yarra Plenty Regional Library

Diamond Valley Local History Digitisation Project

Awarded: $10,000

Preserve and present the story of the Former Shire of Diamond Valley.  We will digitise, catalogue and make accessible an online collection of historical photographs in partnership with Nillumbik Historical Society.


Bonnie Doon Community Group Inc

Bonnie Doon Gathering Our Past

Awarded: $6,000

Collect and catalogue the history of Bonnie Doon, including Aboriginal heritage and European history from 1824 to present day, including historic photos, objects, documents, oral history and the original library book collection, which will be stored and available for display in the old Bonnie Doon Library building.


Cudgewa Hall Committee Incorporated

Why we live where we live: Family Stories and Community History from the Cudgewa Valleys, Upper Murray and North East Victoria

Awarded: $5,000

This book intends to gather the life stories of volunteer families, from throughout the catchment area of the Cudgewa Creek, with an emphasis on how they came to live where they live and to collect favourite family recipes as a way of sharing with others the contemporary culinary culture of the district . Building on this, the history of past and present significant buildings and the histories of community groups past and present will also be researched.


Camperdown and District Historical Society Inc

Develop website for the Camperdown and District Historical Society

Awarded: $1,938

Establish a website to better share and promote our Society records and activities.


St Luke’s Uniting Church, Highton – Church History Publication Team

Comprehensive, illustrated history of early Highton and St Luke’s Uniting Church – ‘Steadfast Through Change’

Awarded: $2,200

Research and write a comprehensive illustrated history of early Highton and St Luke’s church and its predecessors.


Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre

History of Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre

Awarded: $5,400

Research, compile and print (hard copy and electronic versions) a history of the Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre and its affiliated clubs which cover the suburbs within the City of Banyule and Shire of Nillumbik. The centre was formed in 1967 – 68 and the history is intended to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the centres formation.


Dunolly Town Hall and Court House Committee

Stories of Dunolly Court House

Awarded: $750

Tell some of the stories associated with the court house to explain its cultural importance, foster an awareness and pride in the town’s shared heritage and enhance the educational and community development opportunities of the building.


Golden Dragon Museum

Create two DVD’s – The Pomelo Story and The Creation of a Community Museum

Awarded: $9,170

The Museum would like to create two DVD’s which will record the history (both oral and pictorial) of the Pomelo Tree and the Creation of the a Community Museum. These two stories are very significance to the history of the Bendigo Chinese community as well as the wider community.


Harrow Bush Nursing Centre’s Harrow Neighbourhood House

Oral History Keeping in Harrow

Awarded: $2,000

This project involves the recording of oral histories of local people from Harrow and surrounding district with an emphasis on their association with the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre.


Anglican Parish of Horsham

Images and Memories: A history of the stained glass windows of St Johns Anglican Church Horsham

Awarded: $7,572

Produce an authoritative book on the history of the old stained glass windows in St Johns Anglican Church Horsham. To be published as part of 150th year celebrations of the Anglican Churchs activities in the Wimmera (mid-2008) . The book will include details of the benefactors, the pioneers and others to whom the windows are dedicated, an explanation of the scenes and symbols depicted in the 47 windows and full colour photos.


Horsham Historical Society Inc

Memories of Horsham and District

Awarded: $2,500

Preserve local history by videorecording oral history stories, publish a book titled “Memories of Horsham and District”, and release a visual compilation of stories, early film and photos on a series of DVDs.


Koorie Heritage Trust

Lisa Bellear Collection

Awarded: $6,000

Employ a contract Curator to work with the Lisa Bellear Photograph Collection including; identify the priorities, catalogue/digitise a portion of photographs, produce a significance assessment and develop an access protocol. This project aims to set up a process that will facilitate community access to this collection and will also ensure that the memories and information associated with this collection are collected and preserved.


Maindample Progress Association

Maindample District, The Early Days

Awarded: $7,000

We aim to print 1000 copies of the first ever published History of Maindample (from the 1860s), which has been researched and compiled by local historian, Sheila Hutchinson.


Maroondah Singers

Maroondah Singers Forty Year History

Awarded: $2,000

Publish a history of the first forty years of the Maroondah Singers by revising and consolidating previous histories and incorporating the history of the last ten years.  Distribute this history to local government, local historical societies, local libraries, past present and future members of Maroondah Singers and other interested people and organisations.


Mechanics’ Institutes of Victoria Inc

Mechanics’ Institutes of Victoria Resource Collection (MIRC)

Awarded: $2,600

Advance the MIRC:- by the organization, preservation and cataloguing of the backlog ; by preparing promotional material and publicity ; and by arranging a public launch for November 2008.


Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League Inc

The History & Culture of the MPNFL

Awarded: $2,500

As a part of the MPNFL celebrating 100 years of local grass roots football, the MPNFL has undertaken to preserve and document the history & culture of the MPNFL and football within our geographic region.


Nepean Historical Society Inc

Nepean Peninsula Postcards

Awarded: $4,500

Produce short pictorial and audio commentaries highlighting the local history of the Nepean Peninsula and in particular Sorrento.


Trustees Pompapiel Cemetery

Cemetery Survey and Marking Project

Awarded: $3,000

The cemetery was established in1878 and was partly surveyed in 1914. Many of the grave sites are currently outside the surveyed area and are unmarked. We plan to survey all presently unsurveyed graves and mark them.


Promoting Heywood and District Committee Inc

History of Livestock selling and grazing in Glenelg Shire

Awarded: $5,000

Collecting oral and filmed interviews with livestock selling agents and graziers to preserve and capture the history of livestock selling in Glenelg shire ( Heywood& district).


Robert S. Down

Kancoona/Running Creek Historical Project

Awarded: $4,000

Research, investigate and record the history of Kancoona and Running creek from Aboriginal settlement time to Soldier settlement to present day


Rokewood Primary School

Rokewood & District Local History Project – Learning Where We Live

Awarded: $7,500

Develop a whole school/community program that will enable our students and past, current and future residents to learn about and record the local history of the township for preservation and exhibition purposes, using various means of recording oral and visual history such as voice recording, filming, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mosaic, collage, dance and music.


Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society

Oral history of the Belgrave area

Awarded: $1,870

This aim of this project is to collect and publish oral histories, both new and old, in their entirety, in a companion volume to the school history.


St Johns Past Students Association

St Johns 50 years DVD

Awarded: $6,000

Digitise photos,articles and collect writings capture the development and culture of St John’s regional college in Dandenong over the last 50 years. The DVD will be made available to local libraries and presented on various nights to illustrate the History of the school.


St Kilda Historical Society

Coopers History of St Kilda On-Line

Awarded: $5,000

The project will provide an online, web-based version of “The History of St Kilda”, written by J.B. Cooper in 1931, the only definitiive and comprehensive historical record of the first 90 years of St Kilda. The project outcome will be an accessible and searchable resorurce of those early years.


Stawell Biarri Group for Genealogy Inc

Uniting Church Records

Awarded: $2,000

Photocopy Marriage Registers of former Stawell Methodist Church and Stawell St.Matthew’s Presbyterian Church. Index registers, providing two hard copies and two electronic copies in MS Excel Format and listing availabilty on our web site.


Sutton Grange Hall Committee

Sutton Grange 1836-1955 and Beyond

Awarded: $1,255

Recording of history 1836-1855 in a brief form to be shared at a reunion of the Sutton Grange district.


Tatura and District Historical Society Inc

Tatura Museum website and conservation & preservation of collection

Awarded: $9,450

Update and Improve our Museum and Historical Society website and continue with conservation, reproduction and archival preservation of our photographic collection of local and wartime camps history.


Temple Society Australia

The Templer Journey – Fabric of Society

Awarded: $6,500

Compose a written historical record of the forced migration of members of the Temple Society (established in Germany) from Palestine to Australia in 1941, their internment in camps near Tatura for the balance of the years of World War 2 and their re-establishment as a religious community in this country from 1950. The record is intended as a companion publication to the above-named wall-hanging project depicting the life and journey of the Temple Society over almost 150 years to the present day.


The Heights Heritage House and Garden – National Trust of Australia (Vic )

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six-panel display unit & carry bag with a roll-up banner & stand, to enable our Historic House Museum Volunteers and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Museum and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Toolleen Seniors’ Luncheon Group

Oral History of Toolleen & District

Awarded: $2,000

Interview the senior residents of Toolleen and district and record their experiences covering the period from the early 1900’s to the present. Catalogue these reminices according to subject and produce, copy and distribute audio compact disks.


Wangaratta High School Centenary Reunion Committee

Wangaratta High School Pictorial Centenary Book 1909 – 2009

Awarded: $11,900

This project will develop a Pictorial Centenary book of photographs, recollections, anecdotes and stories of the progression and changes from the initial days of the Wangaratta Agricultural High School until today as a regional amalgamated secondary school at the forefront of educational opportunities in the region.


Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc

The Quick and the Dead – The streets and the people of Warrnambool and District

Awarded: $3,500

Collection, preservation, collation and publication of unique and important social and heritage records.


Wonthaggi Centenary Planning Committee

Wonthaggi Heritage Town Walk – stage two.

Awarded: $6,000

Stage two will provide the14 outstanding signs of the Wonthaggi Heritage Walk in Central Wonthaggi and a later stage three will replace the 11 temporary signs. These interpretative signs include photographs and text on the history of 21 buildings and businesses and will be visually accessable.


Dundas Fire Brigades Group

History Of The Dundas Group & Volunteers Fire Brigades

Awarded: $5,000

The Dundas Group of Brigades will compile a history of the 20 Brigades which are, or have been members of the Group.


Winchelsea and District Historical Society Inc

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six – panel display unit and carry bag with a roll – up banner and stand, to enable our Society and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Society and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Geelong Family History Group

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six – panel display unit and carry bag with a roll – up banner and stand, to enable our Society and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Society and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Ouyen Incorporated – Centenary Book Club Sub Committee

Centenary of Ouyen 2009 Book

Awarded: $6,000

Publish a book and accompanying DVD on the history of the Ouyen Township.


Natimuk Football Netball Club – Netball Operations

Natimuks History Of Netball

Awarded: $2,400

The club wants to have its uniforms from the past 56 years framed and their story told in photos and print.


St Andrews Queenstown Historical Society

St Andrews A Village Built on Gold

Awarded: $2,600

Reprint a book ‘St Andrews A Village Built on Gold’. Our town is celebrating 150 years of establishment in 2008.


Geelong and Region Branch National Trust of Australia (Vic)

Community Outreach Exhibit – Display Unit for Heritage stories

Awarded:  $2,330

The Branch will purchase a portable display unit to tell stories associated with the families, buildings and landscapes of Geelong region significant places.


Moliagul Reserves Committee Inc

History Of Moliagul School No.746

Awarded: $3,500

Compile the history of the Moliagul State School No.746 into a book form, from it’s beginning in 1888 to when it closed in 1971.


Bendigo Historical Society Inc

Cataloguing Historical Collection

Awarded: $9,100

Cataloguing using Mosaic computer program and framing of operatives and purchase of computers.


St Francis De Sales Catholic Parish – Oak Park

Establish an archival and educational program

Awarded: $3,000

Implement an archival program, provide relative education to appreciation level for senior primary students. Compile and publish a 50 year commemorative.


Rupanyup Historical Society Inc

Back to Rupanyup and Jubilee Show Book

Awarded: $800

Reprint the above titled book originally printed in October 1928.


Carlton Community Local History Group Inc

Carlton History Catalogue

Awarded: $1,000

Read and digitise Carlton history catalogue compiled in 1985 – 6 on a BBC computer on 5 1/4 inch discs which cannot now be read.


Murchison & District Historical Society Inc

Mainstream Through Murchison

Awarded: $6,960

Tell the story of the natural history through the ages of the Mid Goulburn River region, 30kms upstream and downstream from Murchison. This story will relate how the Aboriginal people lived in complete harmony with the evolving landscape, when suddenly in 1840 the river landscape and environment became subjected to a variety of interventionalist uses by the European settlers. This will provide a clear account of the river’s history to the present day.


Talbot Action Inc

Talbot – Telling The Goldrush Stories

Awarded: $6,500

Undertake research on the pioneers, people and personalities of the town of Talbot during the Gold Rush in Central Victoria. Actors dressed in period costume will tell the stories about these people in our Market Square attracting an audience from a wide range of people from our local communities and visitors to our region.


Little River Historical Society Inc

Reproduction of Little River Cemetery Trust Records

Awarded: $520

Our plan is to reproduce the only existing copies of the minutes and burial records of the above mentioned cemetary, in both microfilm and CD form.


Mt Rouse and District Historical Society

Penshurst History – Snapshots

Awarded: $3,000

We intend to take a number of aspects of Penshurst’s history and include them in a booklet of about 80 pages. We intend this will be first of a number of booklets outlining various aspects of Penshursts history.


Inglewood District Historical Society Inc

Our Quick Catalogue Database Project

Awarded: $2,350

Our society wishes to obtain an “Inmagic DB/Textworks” system to allow us to catalogue and store all data relating to every object in our museum/historical society collection. This system will replace our present out of date manual method which is both very time consuming and hard to manage.


The Surf Coast Family History Group

Portable display stand and banner

Awarded: $2,330

Purchase a lightweight, portable, six-panel display unit and carry bag with a roll-up banner and stand, to enable our Society and other community groups the opportunity to promote our Society and Region at various functions as a travelling display.


Wiran Aboriginal Corporation

Connecting Traditional Owners On The Murray

Awarded: $4,500

The project is based on researching and writing up the family histories of Traditional Owners along the Murray River. The histories will be written up by Traditional Owners from our prespective of history and the facts. Through the Family Groups researched to date a story will merge that links the Yorta Yorta, Baraparapa, Wamba Wamba, Dja Dja Wurrung, Jupagalk and Werkgaia Nations.


Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Another Link in the Chain

Awarded: $2,650

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Cntre has an extensive local history developed over 30 years. It is currently either partly catalogued on filing cards or uncatalogued and the Committee of Management wishes to improve ease of public access to the collection by having it catalogued on a computer; it has already purchased a laptop for this purpose and is applying for funding for dedicated software, DB/Text/Works provided by Maxus Australia P/L.


Positive Women Victoria

Victorian HIV Positive Women, the first 20 years

Awarded: $3,000

2008 sees the 20 year anniversary of Positive Women Victoria, an organisation that supports and advocates for HIV positive women, the only such agency in Australia.  This project will document the people, the issues and the changes that have occured for women with HIV in Victoria over these 20 years.


Jewish Museum of Australia

Preservation and Conservation of the Trevor Cohen Collection

Awarded: $4,500

Preserve and conserve the recently acquired, catalogued and digitised collection of Trevor Cohen, consisting of fundamental local Jewish history memorabilia, including business and local government history.


Material in the Public Record Office Victoria archival collection contains words and descriptions that reflect attitudes and government policies at different times which may be insensitive and upsetting

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should be aware the collection and website may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.

PROV provides advice to researchers wishing to access, publish or re-use records about Aboriginal Peoples