Last updated:

June 26, 2020

About the Records Management Network

Public Record Office Victoria’s (PROV's) regular Records Management Network (RMN) events provide a forum to share information and exchange views on issues affecting records management in the public sector.

PROV's Government Services team hosts a major RMN forum event annually, as well as smaller workshops and forums throughout the year.

Network members consist of those responsible for managing records and archives in Victorian Government agencies.


Key objectives of RMN forum events

The RMN forum events are designed to:

  • Enable members to contribute to the development of standards affecting records management in public bodies and to provide advice to members on compliance requirements arising from these changes.
  • Provide advice to members on the development and use of information technology applications to enable good records management practices.
  • Provide the opportunity for training and skills sharing of members.

See Records Management Network (RMN) for further information.