Last updated:

September 3, 2020

What do I need to know?

  • The surname of the individual who may have been buried in the Old Melbourne Cemetery between 1866-1917

How do I search?

Type in the first letter of the family's last name. 

The Old Melbourne Cemetery burial register (1866-1917) has been digitised and can be viewed online.

About these records

The Old Melbourne Cemetery created a map and an alphabetical register of burials for the later part of the nineteenth century.  These records are for burials on the site of the area now known as Queen Victoria Market.

Who created these records?

Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct)  VA 511


Next Steps

View the digitised images of the Alphabetical record of burials online. Complete an additional search for other cemetery records created by Melbourne (Town 1842-1847; City 1847-ct) by going to the agency landing page here:  VA 511

What are in these records?

A burial register may contain:

  • the name, age, occupation, address and denomination of the deceased and the supposed cause of death
  • the date and other information about the funeral
  • the number and other information about the grave site
  • the signature of the undertaker
  • the cost


Most often the information is recorded in date order, so it is important to have at least an approximate date the funeral occurred.

However, burial records might come in several other forms.  Some cemeteries keep records of graves or plots separate from the register of who has been buried.