Last updated:

October 1, 2021

What do I need to know?

This series consists of photographs created by the Department of Public Works (VA 669) between 1926 and 1965.

The photos are listed mostly by name and location, sometimes the terms are not exact or may be abbreviated, for example, tech instead of technical. 

The photos are undated.

This Department had wide-ranging responsibilities for all public works and buildings, including their construction, maintenance and fitting out. 

You may find buildings built earlier than this period because they were doing maintenance work.

How do I search?

  • first, try geographic location, for example, Heatherton
  • or try key words like 'technical', 'tech', 'court', 'sanatorium', that describe the type of building
  • or by a place or building name, for example, Keith Turnbull Reserve

Alternatively, you can browse all of the photographs as an alphabetical list.

Who created these records?

Public Works Department (previously the Department of the Commissioner of Public Works) 1926-1965 (VA 669)

What are in these records?

  • Photographs of renovations or completion of building,
  • External photographs,
  • Black and white prints,
  • Victorian and selected interstate public buildings,
  • State primary, secondary and tertiary schools,
  • Public hospitals,
  • Courts, police stations,
  • Parliament House.