Last updated:

September 8, 2016

What do I need to know?

  • the school name
  • region
  • year

These record are mostly from schools that are now closed. Records from each school vary widely in both type and quantity.

How do I search?

Enter the school by name, and the try using keywords for the type of record you are looking for. e.g. pupil, council, teacher

About these records

There are around 1,000 series in our collection that are titled School Records. Pupil registers are within those records but are not indexed by name.

School records created by Government schools that are still operating today are most likely still with those schools. Generally speaking, PROV holds school records for Government schools that have been closed.

Unfortunately records for many schools that operated and closed during the 19th and early 20th Centuries do not appear to have survived.

Next Steps

Your next step will be to identify what other records created by that school exist. 

  1.  Click on the tab titled ‘Accessing the records in this series’. Then click on the tab marked ‘List/s of records in this series’.
  2. Scroll through the list to see the records we hold and order the ones of specific interest to view in our Reading Room. Alternatively, you can order the entire box containing all the records within it.

Once you have found records you wish to research, order them to view in our Reading Room.

What are in these records?

  • pupil register(s) or, in their absence, other forms of attendance records
  • inspector’s report books or review reports
  • school council records, including council committee records
  • school publications such as newsletters
  • corporal punishment books, and
  • teacher absence books.

Class photographs or student reports are not usually found in these series as it appears most schools did not retain copies of these.

Visit our page on school photographs for more.