Last updated:

August 19, 2021

What do I need to know?

The series was created by the Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners to document their activities.
The images are dated between 1880 and 1983. 

Annotations which appear on some of the photographs include: names of photographers, subject captions, dates, numbers and publication directions.

Most of the photographs are not dated. 

How do I search?

Search using keywords and place names of

  • Major maritime projects e.g Station Pier, Victoria Dock, Princes Pier, Coode Canal etc.
  • Vessel type e.g. steamer, tug, paddle, troop, Hygeia.
  • Location e.g. Williamstown, Port Melbourne
  • Keyword e.g. aerial, flood.

You can try searching by date as some of the photographs include a year. 

Who created these records?

1885 - 1976 Melbourne Harbor Trust Commissioners


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Next Steps

What are in these records?

  • Development of the Port of Melbourne 
  • Sketches and maps 
  • Historic photographs of the Lower Yarra River
  • Aerial photographs
  • Photographs of Sandridge
  • Public Works overseen by the Melbourne Harbour Trust 
  • Docks, wharves and piers
  • Cargo 
  • Significant maritime vessels from the 19th and 20th Centuries 
  • Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners and personnel
  • Trust conferences
  • Special social/business events