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What do I need to know?

You will need details of the matter in dispute, for example, the name of a company or the name of the person that is the subject of the dispute. If the person's name is common, it may be helpful to know the approximate year in which the application was brought before the Court in Melbourne.

This page combines a search for Record Series Number (VPRS) 12024 and 13033.

How do I search?

Type in the name of a company or the name of the person that is the subject of the dispute.

About these records

Records in VPRS 12024 (Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files) relate to actions taken before the Supreme Court after the abolition of the Supreme Court in Equity jurisdiction. They deal mostly with applications made to the Court on often complex matters, under the provisions of a number of different acts. These included cases about matters such as:

  • property trusts
  • deceased estates (including married women’s property)
  • rules governing mortgages
  • the management of the personal affairs (including guardianship and lunacy) and property of people lacking legal capacity
  • contract law, where specific performance and injunction were lent in the aid of common law rights
  • bankruptcy
  • other commercial matters.

Records in VPRS 13033 (Company Application Files) relate to applications made before the Supreme Court under the Companies Act.  They deal with applications made to the Court relating to bankruptcy and commercial matters which sought to ensure honesty in business affairs.   

Who created these records?

Supreme Court of Victoria (VA 2549)

Next Steps

Visit PROV's North Melbourne Reading Room to view the records.

What are in these records?

Record Series Numbers (VPRS) 12024 and 13033 contain documents including:

  • affidavits
  • court orders
  • documents that were lodged with the court by the parties to the case

The number and type of documents to be found in each file will vary significantly depending upon the specifics of each case.  

The records described on this page cover the period 1894 - 1989, but there are time periods within Record Series Numbers (VPRS) 12024 and 13033 where some records are either closed to public inspection, or not in PROV's collection. If you're interested in a case record which would fall into one of the gaps, contact the Supreme Court Archives Team to apply for access to the record. The year ranges of the records are:

Record Series Numbers (VPRS) 12024: 1922-1983 (some records closed)

Record Series Numbers (VPRS) 13033: circa 1936-1948 (records not in PROV collection)

For cases heard prior to 1885, use the Supreme Court Equity Case Files page.

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