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January 20, 2021

It's been a year of major disruption, of dealing with change and showing our resilience. For this exhibition, local street photographers, documentarians and photojournalists have captured the moments of kindness, creativity, hardship and surreal-ness that defined 2020 in Victoria. A new normal features the work of Julie Millowick, Ilana Rose, Mark Forbes, Michael Currie, Steph Bolt, Bruce Furmedge, Cathrin Plunkett, Chris Kelly, Christopher Hopkins, Joseph Chow (AKA The Curious Shadows) and Andrea Esposito.

Alongside these contemporary images, photographs drawn from the collections of the Victorian State Government and National Archives of Australia explore the concept of A new normal further. We look at change in our past, both negative and positive, and reflect on historic images that draw comparisons to what we've experienced these past twelve months.

Best viewed on the Google Arts & Culture website.