Last updated:

June 9, 2022

How do I know my order has been received?

Just remember: once the yellow buttons disappear, your records are nearly here!

Whether ordering copies or records for viewing in the Reading Room, don't forget to keep clicking the yellow "confirm order", "order now" and "continue" buttons until you come upon the last screen thanking you for your order. We know it's a lot of clicks to get through, but each time provides a chance to make changes to your order and even allocate someone to view the records for you. Once you see the last screen (below) with no more clickable yellow buttons, a message thanking you for your order and a "complete" bubble top right, you'll receive an email confirmation so you know we've seen your order and are retrieving the records ready for your visit or for copying.


Need further help navigating our new ordering system? This webpage is a great place to start: