Last updated:

August 31, 2018

We have produced a number of resources that tell stories about Victorian Aboriginal families and communities utilising archival records

Archival records can help Aboriginal people connect with their histories, trace the experiences of ancestors, and learn about the times and places in which they lived. They can provide evidence of past policies and practices that continue to affect the lives of Aboriginal people today.

These stories also highlight the role archival records can play in helping to preserve history and culture for Aboriginal people and the wider community.

Teacher resources are available for all of the Indigenous Victorians stories.


Indigenous Victorians culture

An image of a historical soldier settlement document

Country kinship identity

Indigenous Victorians rights

An image of a handwritten letter

Survival in their own land

Footprints publication

Studio portait of the Pepper family circa 1912, courtesy of the Pepper family

The journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper