Last updated:

April 30, 2018

What do I need to know?

The name of a soldier settler or a place of interest.

How do I search?

Records that identify the soldier settlers have been digitised and can be viewed on the Battle to Farm website. Search by a soldier’s name, or by clicking on the map and selecting settlers based on their geographic location.


About these records

These records detail the Victorian soldier settlement scheme created in 1917 to lease land to returned soldiers and nurses for farming after the First World War.

These records will help you understand the individual experience of a soldier settler, as well as the historical context close context Definition How a record relates to other records and how it relates to the environment into which it was created and where it has been used. You can often use contextual information to understand if a record will be relevant to your search. of the Victorian Soldier Settlement Scheme.

Next Steps

If you wish to find more information about a particular soldier settlement, you can order close order Definition Physical records can be ordered for viewing in PROV’s reading rooms.  When a user orders a record, it is reserved solely for their use. the physical file via the links to our catalouge on the Battle to Farm website.

Once ordered, files will be available to view in our North Melbourne Reading Room. 

Some soldier settlers also applied for advances on their leases. These files may contain additional information. Links to advance leases are listed below.

What are in these records?

Information about the soldier applicant, including:

  • name
  • age
  • marital status
  • occupation before the war
  • possibly letters about applicant
  • correspondence about land

Details about the allotment, such as:

  • number
  • size
  • parish
  • district
  • and possibly also a map