About the Awards

The Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards were established in 1998 as an initiative of the Public Records Advisory Council, to recognise excellence and innovation in records management within the Victorian Public Sector.

The Awards Ceremony is a prestigious event showcasing projects completed by Victorian Government agencies that truly reflect innovation and dedication to best practice recordkeeping and the preservation of records of permanent value.


Nominations Open for 2018 Awards

We're now accepting nominations for the 2018 awards! Download the nomination form and send your completed application to andrea.rae@prov.vic.gov.au before COB Friday 6 April 2018.


2016 Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards

On the 24th of June, Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and the Public Records Advisory Council presented the 2016 Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards in a special evening ceremony at Queens Hall, Parliament House.


2014-2016 Excellence and Innovation in Records Management award recipients

Summary of project: This project involved the digitisation of 21,000 large format hardcopy plans into an electronic document and records management system. By replacing hardcopy with digital records, and linking these digitised records to a document management system, management databases and CAD system, the project delivered significantly improved management, increased accessibility on and off-site, allowed version control, drawing annotation and increased workflow management.

Award recipient
Ann Goode from Wannon Water receiving her award from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


Summary of project: According to the judges this project was described as an ‘innovative, integrated approach which capitalised on existing technology but took a fresh approach.’ The Department introduced a flagship program to make best practice and compliance easy for all staff by creating one platform for document management and collaboration, resulting in a faster, easier to use document and records management system.

Award recipient
Juliette Cox from DET receiving her award from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


Summary of project: The judges described this project as ‘the first successful transfer approach to electronic records held in a database in Victoria.’ The Department improved the management of their high value databases by trialing a new approach. Called the ‘SIARD project’ after the name of the format developed by the Swiss National Archives, it focussed on preparing and transferring a number of databases to Public Record Office Victoria’s digital archive. The project successfully converted the Plan Room Index System into SIARD format.

Summary of project: Agriculture Victoria holds many thousands of critical records in many forms including documents, images and videos. Agriculture Victoria has previously tried a number of ways of managing this information with varying degrees of success. Recognising the limitations of these previous approaches, Agriculture Victoria contracted two companies to design, develop and implement a metadata driven product (The Knowledge Curation Tool).  This approach allowed a single point of access for all digital /physical assets and records across the organisation. This approach resulted in a quick and efficient way to connect and search all of its databases, regardless of their function, design or location.

Award recipient
Kieran Murphy from Agriculture Victoria receiving his award from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


2014-2016 Most Valuable Transfer award recipients

Summary of transfer projects: 

Two valuable archival collections were transferred to Public Record Office Victoria in the last year. These transfers from the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital together ensured that a large number of significant historical health records were able to be preserved for the future and accessible to all Victorians.

The records of the Royal Women’s Hospital are considered highly significant internationally, being an intact collection of 19th and 20th century women’s medical records. Over 50 records series were transferred from the Royal Women’s Hospital, comprising 93 metres or 746 boxes. The records of the Royal Children’s Hospital are equally significant, being an intact collection of 19th and 20th century children’s medical records. Over 80 records series were transferred from the Royal Children’s Hospital, comprising 48 metres or 501 boxes.

The hospitals established a productive work program to complete the required archival description, access documentation and physical preparation of the respective collections which comprise traditional files, volumes, and photographs.

Award recipient
Robyn Waymouth from Royal Women's Hospital and Bronwyn Hewitt from Royal Children's Hospital receiving their awards from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


2014-2016 Commendations

Summary of projects: The DHHS received a commendation for a combination of three projects which made an outstanding contribution to records management. For the last three years this Department has undertaken a considerable amount of work to improve their records management focusing on:

  • improving the management of their very large archive of important records holding personal information about many Victorians,
  • setting up a regime to enable digitising of important records, and
  • establishing better recordkeeping outcomes in non-government organisations that provide services on behalf of the Department.
Award recipient
Arieta Lumani, Philip Punshon and Chris Hofmann from DHHS receiving their commendation from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


Summary of project: In 2014 the Records Manager at this agency identified that improvement to records management would require a non-traditional approach. The Records Manager together with the Records Team created a change program that included a lighthearted internal “infomercial”, with the tag-line “rough enough is good enough”.  The “infomercial” created awareness among staff and caused them to review their recordkeeping habits and practices, and seek assistance from the Records Team.

Award recipient
David Campbell and Lynette Morgan from TAC receiving their award from the Hon. Gavin Jennings, 24 June 2016.


Past Sir Rupert Hamer Award winners

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Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Award recipients