Last updated:

June 14, 2022


About our RDA projects

To streamline the approach to disposal and “future proof” our Retention and Disposal Authorities (RDAs) as much as possible, we encourage the development and use of RDAs based around broad functions.

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does not require each agency to have its own specific RDA unless it is a high risk or high value function.

Please contact us for further information about our RDA projects.


RDA projects currently underway

Agency-Project Description

Office of Public Prosecutions

The Office of Public Prosecutions is in the process of replacing their current RDA PROS 04/03. The RDA will cover records documenting the function of prosecuting serious offences and conducting criminal appeals in Victoria’s courts.

Office of the Governor The Office of the Governor is developing a new RDA to cover two core functions of the Office that support the role of the Governor: Program and Services. The Office will lead the RDA project, with a stakeholder consultation process to occur. Potential permanent records are held by the Office of the Governor, and this information will assist the appraisal process in the drafting of the RDA.
Public Health The Department of Health, in collaboration with COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria, is developing a new RDA to replace the existing RDA for public health functions (PROS 08/15). The RDA will cover specific public health functions including communicable disease control (including pandemic responses), the development of emergency public health orders and directions, medicines and poisons regulation and chronic disease prevention/health promotion.
Public Transport The Department of Transport (DoT) is working on a new RDA to replace its existing RDA PROS 96/20. The RDA requires replacement to cover machinery of government changes, legislation and regulations, internal business practices and systems, and current recordkeeping practice and standards. DoT is responsible for delivering and regulating public transport services via train, bus, tram and some ferry services.

The Department of Education and Training has commissioned a project to review and replace its existing RDA - PROS 01/01 RDA for School Records. The Department is responsible for providing and regulating statewide learning and development services across the early childhood, school education, and training and skills sectors. The school records appraisal project will cover records created and captured during the provision of Prep to Year 12 education, including records of School Councils and subsidiary committees. 


Update 14/06/2022: Please see the Request for Feedback for the new Records of Schools RDA

Supreme Court Supreme Court of Victoria is working to develop a new RDA. The Court has an existing RDA - PROS 11/02.
Treasury and Finance The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) is developing a new RDA to replace their existing RDA (PROS 99/02). The RDA will cover the specific functions of DTF including the management of Victoria's budget and the development of economic and fiscal advice and policy.

Victorian Auditor-General’s Office

The Auditor-General’s Office is developing a new RDA to replace their previous RDA. The RDA will cover records of the specific and unique functions of the Auditor-General.


In conjunction with these projects, we are implementing an approach to expand our existing RDAs to cover agencies that perform similar functions. On application, agencies might be included under existing disposal authorities.