Last updated:

July 4, 2019

Office 365 and SharePoint Online Survey

Public Record Office Victoria conducted a short, ten question statistical survey on Office 365 and SharePoint Online throughout May 2019.

The survey is now closed.

The results of the survey are currently being collated and will be posted on this page in due course.

Results of the survey are being used to develop advice on the management of records in Office 365 and SharePoint environments.

De-identified and summarised statistical information has been collated for external distribution.



Digital Records Surveys 2016-17

Public Record Office Victoria’s strategic objectives for 2016-17 included improving government recordkeeping by measuring a baseline of competency and collecting data to inform strategic projects to enhance agency digital recordkeeping.

A survey of Victorian government agencies regarding digital records was conducted in two phases over 2016-17.

The phase one survey was conducted on the storage and management of digital records held by a sample of ten Victorian government agencies of various sizes, functions, and levels of information management maturity.

The phase two survey was undertaken to obtain data from a broad selection of agencies regarding their current practice and future plans regarding the creation, management, storage and disposal of digital records.

Both surveys explored digital storage figures, systems used, capability to generate VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs) and agency intention to transfer digital records.

An overview of the findings, recommendations and statistical information obtained from the digital records surveys are provided in the following reports:

PROV Digital Records Survey 2016 Report


Physical Records Survey 2017

The 2017 Physical Records Survey was undertaken by PROV to obtain information from a broad selection of Victorian Government agencies about the older physical records they are holding. The survey focussed on records still held by agencies which were created pre-1900 and from 1900-1985. Online surveys were sent to 200 agencies and 83 agencies provided responses to the questions and 81 provided information about the quantity of their holdings.

PROV Physical Records Survey 2017 Report