Last updated:

January 12, 2021

About the action log

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) recently issued a new Victorian Electronic Records Strategy: Digital Forever 2018-2021.

This log outlines the actions to be undertaken by PROV during 2018-2021 to meet the following goals of the strategy:

  1. Trusted, complete and reliable digital recordkeeping.
  2. Preserved and accessible digital records of continuing value.
  3. Increased capability to respond to future opportunities and challenges. 


Goal 1: Trusted, complete and reliable digital recordkeeping

Action Status
Incorporate and harmonise the VERS requirements with our revised Recordkeeping Standards to embed digital recordkeeping COMPLETE
Define and publish a minimum metadata set for agency recordkeeping and transfer of records COMPLETE
Release a new Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT) for agency use COMPLETE
Publish digital recordkeeping transition roadmap COMPLETE
Publish guidance* on:
  • Office 365 – COMPLETE
  • electronic approvals and signatures – COMPLETE 
  • digitisation and authorised disposal – COMPLETE
  • sustainable preservation formats  – COMPLETE

*Initial versions of guidance have been published


Administer Information Management Maturity Measurement Program (IMMAP)

  • Release 2017–2018 Report - COMPLETE
  • Release 2019-2020 Report - IN PROGRESS
Release a recordkeeping awareness module using an online training platform COMPLETE
Provide digital recordkeeping expertise to government information and data reform initiatives and projects ONGOING

Deliver Records Management Network (RMN) events

Provide digital recordkeeping advice and support to agencies and sector groups ONGOING
Publish papers and deliver talks on digital recordkeeping ONGOING


Goal 2: Preserved and accessible digital records of continuing value

Action Status
Implement a new Archival Management System (Collective Access) to support the revised ACM IN PROGRESS 
Implement a new Digital Archive System (DAS), storage, search and website infrastructure to manage ingest, store and provide access to digital records IN PROGRESS 
Migrate our existing digital holdings to the new DAS COMPLETE
Develop new VEO processing applications for efficient ingest of digital records and metadata COMPLETE
Redevelop the VERS Product Certification Program to better support VEO creation IN PROGRESS 

Release new tools and guidance for packaging digital records including VEO creation, check and uplift processes.

  • Release Version 2 and Version 3 VEO creation technical development packages - COMPLETE
  • Release Version 3 VEO creation instructional guides - IN PROGRESS
Embed the revised ACM, commencing with describing all new records transfers in accordance with the revised ACM IN PROGRESS
Plan and commence revision of our description practice manuals IN PROGRESS


Goal 3: Increased capability to respond to future opportunities and challenges

Action Status
Develop PROV’s expertise through collaboration with Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) and Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities (CAARA) and contribute to a range of projects:
  • Digital transfer constraints  – COMPLETE
  • Long term preservation formats – COMPLETE
  • Software as a Service project – COMPLETE
  • Functional Requirements for Office 365 - COMPLETE
Build on lessons learned by undertaking Phase 2 of the Machine Assisted Email Appraisal Proof of Concept COMPLETE
Embed technical skills by developing and delivering in-house training for PROV staff on VEO creation, checking and ingest processes IN PROGRESS