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Successful applicants in Round Two of the program were announced by Mr Bruce Mildenhall MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, in Castlemaine, on 6 December 2000.


Advance Morwell Inc

Awarded: $5,932

Publish the complete diaries of George Auchterlonie, a WW1 Light Horse man who served in Egypt, Palestine and Sinai with the 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment.


Allwood Neighbourhood House

Awarded: $3,565

Undertake an oral history project to record the stories and experiences of older residents from Hurstbridge and surrounding Districts.


Anglesea and District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $2,970

Digitally scan the society’s photographic collection.


Anglo-Boer War Study Group

Awarded: $6,500

Record for all Victorians the role that their young men played as volunteers in the Colonial regiments that fought in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).


Apollo Bay & District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $2,500

Publication of manuscript written in 1950s about life in the Otways from 1896 to 1912 by the late Mrs Eveline Bessie Trevaskis (nee Holmes).


Auburn Primary School

Awarded: $1,310

The preservation, conservation and display of a 93 year old sports pennant flag presented to the school in 1907 for winning the State Schools’ Football Championship.


Bacchus Marsh Blacksmith’s Cottage and Forge Advisory Committee Inc

Awarded: $3,000

Set up public displays in the recently refurbished buildings using artefacts and equipment housed at the complex.


Bacchus Marsh Historical Society

Awarded: $1,585

To preserve photographs maps and ephemera by housing them in archival quality storage systems and to mount rotating displays of material in permanent and secure glass fronted noticeboards in the Bacchus Marsh Library.


Ballaarat Astronomical Society

Awarded: $5,364

Publish a high-quality, colour-illustrated booklet outlining the history and unique features of the Ballarat Municipal Observatory.


Ballarat Fire Brigade (CFA)

Awarded: $1,188

Survey the Brigades collection to determine restoration and conservation priorities and costs.


Bayside City Council

Awarded: $9,000

Catalogue, digitise and undertake a conservation assessment of the collection of historical photographs (events, buildings, environment, and people) of the former cities of Brighton and Sandringham to enable access to public.


Bellarine Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $2,970

Scan, catalogue and index approximately 2500-3000 photos to improve access and preserve the collection.


Bendigo Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $2,071

The preservation, reformatting, and transcription of an 1856 petition from 1387 Bendigo Crown Land occupants to His Excellency Major General Macarthur and making the content of the petition more widely available to the public.


Benjeroop Public Hall Inc

Awarded: $808

Permanent public display of photographs and records relating to European settlement in three adjoining localities, namely, Benjeroop, Winlaton & Murrabit West.


Birchip Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $3,147

To supply further equipment and refurbishment for storage of archival documents.


Birregurra Mail Inc

Awarded: $5,962

The preservation and conservation of local historical material.


Camperdown and District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,080

Record the oral history of individuals and groups within Camperdown and district.


Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

Awarded: $5,299

Casey-Cardinia: Moments in a Regional History a travelling and virtual exhibition contributed to by all the historical groups in the region to demonstrate the special, eclectic history of the region.


Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum

Awarded: $2,500

Conservation treatment of twelve significant artworks relating to the Forest Creek, Mount Alexander Diggings 1850-70, held in the collection of the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum.


Castlemaine Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $2,000

Research, record and promote the area known as Castlemaine Gold Commissioner’s Camp (1851) by producing a free, self guided brochure and mounting an interpretative exhibition which will be launched for the 2001Victorian heritage Festival.


Castlemaine Secondary College

Awarded: $1,963

To conserve, preserve and archive historical significant student records relation to secondary educational institutions of Castlemaine (1887-1999) and create a computer index (1887-1986).


Churchill Neighbourhood Centre Inc

Awarded: $2,000

To produce a book of oral history stories, documenting older people’s experiences of life in Central Gippsland in the twentieth century.


City of Port Phillip

Awarded: $5,000

The project, The George: A History of St Kilda is a book with an interactive, on-line component.


Coburg Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,952

Plaques, together with pamphlet ‘historic Sydney road’, locating and describing historic buildings and sites along Sydney Road in Coburg and Brunswick.


Collingwood Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,957

Indexing Collingwood History Collection for inclusion in computer database accessible via the Internet.


Continuing Education Bendigo Inc

Awarded: $730

To organise, prepare and copy documents/photographs/family history relating to the community owned property known as “Lancewood” in Bendigo, and put on permanent display.


Craigieburn Historical Interest Group Inc

Awarded: $1,200

To audio and video record 20 oral histories of past and present residents of Craigieburn.


Cranbourne Shire Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $4,070

The copying to video tape and the conservation of a collection of 16mm film of Cranbourne covering 1920 – 1960 this to be followed by the production of a series of documentary videos base on the 16mm film and still photographs for portable display.


Creswick Primary School

Awarded: $1,080

To present a CD-rom archive containing historical material relating to Creswick Primary School, it will incorporate a photo archive, interactive multi media material, data files extracted from registers and other documents.


Cudgewa Hall Inc

Awarded: $3,380

To preserve and conserve historical photos featuring the history of the Cudgewa area with emphasis on the railway line.


Dandenong and District Historical Society

Awarded: $3,015

Production of a CD Rom based on an unpublished 1970 study of the architecture of the nineteenth century Dandenong.


Darraweit Guim Primary School

Awarded: $1,080

Produce a photographic and archival display that recounts some of the history of Darraweit Guim Primary School (est. 1866).


Dartmouth Community Progress Association

Awarded: $1,608

Produce a photographic and informative exhibition to reflect the construction of Dartmouth Dam and a tribute to those skilled engineers who made it possible.


Daylesford & District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $9,731

Historic gold mining water race & mining lease mapping project.


Devenish Memorial Sports Club Inc

Awarded: $3,605

Transfer of paper records and photographs onto CD Rom from 1870s to present.


Dimboola and District Historical Society

Awarded: $2,600

Produce a book outlining the history of the substantial Chinese community that existed in our town in the period 1870-1920; to analyse the response of the European community to their presence and to acknowledge their contributions to the community.


Donald History & Natural History Group

Awarded: $3,200

Create a database of the original selectors in the West Wimmera area of Victoria, who selected land under the Land Act of 1869.


East Gippsland Family History Group Inc

Awarded: $2,430

Transcription (to CD-ROM & microfiche) of Bairnsdale cemetery register 1871 – present and monumental inscriptions onto a computer database and publication in CD ROM and microfiche formats.


East Gippsland Shire Council

Awarded: $1,928

To research, collate, record, file and preserve photos, written material, family/personal history, books and artefacts in the Cann River Valley Historical Society, and to distribute this compilation in a document.


East Loddon & District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,500

History of lifetimes of former local shire schools within the former Shire of East Loddon.


Friends of the Robert O’Hara Burke Memorial Museum Inc

Awarded: $10,500

Manuscript based on oral history project: – signposting major events in 20th century Beechworth such as the Great Depression, WW2, and closure of the tannery and of the mental asylum, designation of the forest as a protected area, the manuscript will provide a long-range perspective of change in the environment, in the workplace, home life and of community values in Beechworth.


Gannawarra Library Service

Awarded: $2,500

The Gannawarra Library Service already has significant holdings of newspapers local to the Shire of Gannawarra on microfilm and is endeavouring to complete the existing repository.


Glenelg Shire Council

Awarded: $650

To conserve and provide ready access, to a unique, historical record of significant events in the Willaura, Merino and Casterton districts of south-west Victoria, maintained by members of the Meldrum family from 1834 to the present day.


Goldfields’ Historical and Arts Society Dunolly Inc

Awarded: $1,000

The project will involve the preparation of articles relating to the early history of Burnt Creek (Bromley) and Dunolly, Goldsborough, Beoliba, Moliagul, Timor, Bet and Eddington, all of which were associated with the early gold discovery and development of this part of Central Victoria.


Granya Heritage and School Management Committee Inc

Awarded: $10,982

The history of Bungil and Thologolong Stations from 1836, incorporating the story of Helen Sutherland (which has never been told) and her battle to develop and save the Murray Grey cattle breed which originated at Thologolong Station.


Halls Gap and Grampians Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $931

Copying on slide film the society’s photographic collection, the writing of scripts covering many topics and the purchase of projection equipment will enable us to bring over history more easily and entertainingly to the public.


Hamilton History Centre Inc

Awarded: $1,490

A project to research and record the history of all the Government schools that have existed within the Shire of Southern Grampians and adjoining areas.


Hepburn Shire Council

Awarded: $2,000

Restoration of early maps of Creswick town and mining area.


High Country Library Corporation

Awarded: $3,600

Use professional expertise and technology to both preserve and improve access to the Ned Kelly collection and pictorial resources in the Local History Collection at the Wangaratta Library.


Hobsons Bay Libraries

Awarded: $1,940

To electronically scan deteriorating copies of the Altona Star newspaper from 1960-1980 and preserve them on CD ROM.


Hume City Council

Awarded: $2,734

The project will conserve two important framed photographs, one of Ann Holden, wife of George Evans, pioneer and founder of Sunbury (also regarded as one of the founders of Melbourne); the other a montage of 15 members of one of the state’s early sporting figures.


Kilmore Historical Society

Awarded: $3,015

Preservation and conservation of all document holdings of the Kilmore Historical Society through digitisation using a digital camera.


Koorie Heritage Trust Inc

Awarded: $8,000

The proposed project aims to produce a 100 page publication telling the story of Lang Dean – a man whose own history and the history of his family tell a story of black and white Victorians living together.


Kow Plains Committee of Management

Awarded: $4,225

To compile a book that records the establishment and history of Kow Plains Station and the Township of Cowangie.


Kyneton Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $5,000

To copy onto microfilm 20 volumes of the now defunct Shire of Kyneton Rate Books, in 5 year intervals from 1900 to 1950.


Lakes Entrance Family History Resource Centre Inc

Awarded: $8,850

Oral history project concentrating on the early fishing families of the Gippsland Lakes area.


Lakes Entrance Regional Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,755

To accurately document the history of the settlement at the New Works and the role it played in the construction of the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes.


Loch Memorial Reserve Committee

Awarded: $990

To produce a booklet (tentatively titled Reserved Space) that documents the story of the 13 ‘soldiers’ who enlisted for World War 2 at Lock, never returned, and are now remembered by plaques on oak trees at the appropriately named Loch Memorial Reserve.


Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Awarded: $5,820

The creation of a portable visual display that exhibits of the images and profiles of particular women from regional Victoria who were incarcerated at the Sunbury Women’s Refractory at the turn of the Century.


Maldon Museum and Archives Association Inc

Awarded: $1,980

To restore and conserve a register of considerable significance to the community of Maldon.


Mallacoota P-12 College

Awarded: $930

This project will centre on the production of materials, short video and displays about the local history of Mallacoota and surrounding districts.


Mechanics’ Institutes of Victoria

Awarded: $3,450

Produce a travelling exhibition of photographs of mechanics’ institute buildings throughout Victoria.


Merrigum & District Historical & Education Society Inc

Awarded: $1,960

An exhibition of events in Merrigum over the last century.


Midlands Historical Society

Awarded: $3,372

The preservation and conservation of Midlands Historic Society’s photographic and glass lantern slide collection.


Moira Shire Council

Awarded: $9,440

A book on the life of Aboriginal elder, Hilton Hamilton Walsh, carefully transcribed from audio tapes.


Moorabool Shire Council

Awarded: $1,940

Preserve and display the historical photographs of the area for future generations.


Mornington Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $6,530

Storing the past on the future” – a digital display on CDROM featuring enlarged WW1 miniature photographs, a rare collection of glass plate photographs of Mornington Peninsula folk at Federation, and a 1914 facsimile tourist brochure of Marvellous Morning.


Mount Waverley Secondary College

Awarded: $1,226

An outdoor display of historic memorabilia [photos, maps, plan etc] to interpret the history of Lower Homebush, and its school.


Moyne Shire

Awarded: $6,920

Victoria was the only colony to establish a soundly based and dispersed lifeboat service: the book will be referenced and describe the creation, operation and effectiveness of the service (1857-1976) with an assessment of its efficiency.


Museum of Lilydale

Awarded: $3,800

The stabilisation, conservation & cataloguing of the Dandenong Ranges Subdivision Lands Sales Collection.


Newstead & District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $6,200

The project involves the micro-filming of remaining years (1921 – 1968) of the Newstead Echo.


Nobelius Heritage Park and Emerald Museum Committee of Management

Awarded: $8,670

Publish a 64-page illustrated guide to the Nobelius Heritage Park, Emerald Victoria. The publication will incorporate a history of the Nobelius Nursery with text, maps and historic photographs.


North & West Melbourne Association Inc

Awarded: $2,000

Cataloguing and archiving into the public domain the records of the North & West Melbourne Association from inception in 1967 to the present, which represent the activities of on of the first local community organisations in Melbourne.


North Yarra Community Health

Awarded: $6,200

This project will document and publish the oral histories of older men in Collingwood and also include the exploration of themes such as health, aging and community health with the interviewees.


Oakleigh & District Historical Society

Awarded: $330

To obtain microfiche copies of 65 rate books and negative copies of 600 original photos.


Orbost Womens Awareness Group Inc

Awarded: $2,165

The project ‘Women and Migrants associated with the timber industry in East Gippsland’ has been developed to the point of: the stories collated, proof read, entered into the computer, the photos have been selected, the stories have been perused by a book.


Portland Workskills Inc

Awarded: $1,365

To establish a self-guided heritage walk through the North Portland Cemetery which operated form 1844-1959 – one of Victoria’s most significant cemeteries because of its association of permanent settlement in Victoria.


Pyramid Hill College

Awarded: $11,860

Students at Pyramid Hill College will prepare a detailed record of education provided by 35 schools in the Pyramid Hill District over the past 140 years.


Pyramid Hills Girl Guides Association

Awarded: $1,312

Book detailing 40 years of Girl Guides in Pyramid Hill.


Queenstown Cemetery Trust

Awarded: $1,480

Prepare a history of Queenstown Cemetery.


Redcliffs Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $3,500

Photographic display of the Town’s heritage.


Seymour & District Historical Society

Awarded: $5,675

Publish a book recording memories of events, families and personalities of Seymour and District throughout its history.


Shire of Campaspe

Awarded: $4,500

The project is two fold – researching and formatting heritage plaques for public and private businesses and design of a heritage walk brochure for a self guided tour of the heritage precinct of Echuca.


Snake Valley Historical Society

Awarded: $5,010

To gather information and stories of the past through interviews conducted with long term residents of Snake Valley and then compile these memories into book form for the benefit of the local and wider community.


South Gippsland Shire Council

Awarded: $3,100

Fred Holt, third generation resident, has compiled a manuscript detailing the history of his home town Koonwarra, which looks at its history since white settlement in 1878 to current times.


St Anthony’s Catholic Parish Glen Huntly

Awarded: $2,300

To design and implement a system for the recording, management and dissemination of information concerning the establishment and history of St. Anthony’s in Glen Huntly.


St Georges Presbyterian Church

Awarded: $714

Preservation and conservation of records, photographs, books, artefacts of a Church built in 1860, of which Sir Francis Ormond, Sir James Balfour, Sir Francis Rollard were members, together with prominent early Geelong persons.


St. Andrew’s Kirk, Ballarat

Awarded: $4,000

Catalogue and store to archival standards the Collections of St Andrew’s Kirk and to present a permanent exhibition of selected copies of this material.


Stawell Biarri Group for Genealogy Inc

Awarded: $1,850

To photocopy original records of baptisms, marriages, deaths and confirmations of the Anglican Church, Stawell, from 1850-2000.


Strathford Historical Society

Awarded: $770

Oral history of the Dargo district (East Gippsland).


Sunbury Family History Society

Awarded: $364

To transcribe the Monument Inscriptions of the Sunbury Cemetery and the Sunbury Cemetery Register.


Taradale Primary School

Awarded: $4,800

To produce a chronological and detailed record of Taradale Primary School’s 150 year history in forms suitable for public viewing, conserving original documents.


Terang-District Historical Society

Awarded: $811

To produce a brochure depicting historical local sites in order that local people and visitors, including bus tours can view sites and learn about their history.


The Wangaratta High School

Awarded: $1,010

Conservation of the photographic and document archives of the Wangaratta High School heritage collection.


Victorian Folklife Association Inc

Awarded: $2,810

A program introducing primary school students to ‘living history’ and ‘living traditions’ and using oral history to research aspects of the history of their local community, then recording their findings in illustrated book format.


VSDC Services for Deaf Children

Awarded: $3,222

Interview former students and record their school day memories.


Wangaratta Historical Society

Awarded: $2,090

Create a website for the Wangaratta Historical Society.


Warrnambool & District Historical Society Inc

Awarded: $1,960

Produce a small book entitled Warrnambool Industrial & Art Exhibition 1896-7.


Western Victorian Association of Historical Societies

Awarded: $8,750

The joint authors have carefully researched and written the story of Australia’s first commune, ‘Herrnhut’, which was established by Germans under the leadership of Johann Friedrich Krumnow near Mount Ruse in Victoria’s Western District.


Wodonga Family History Society Inc

Awarded: $850

Transcription of the Yackandahah Rate records from inception, in order to transfer them onto microfiche.


Wyuna History Group Inc

Awarded: $4,000

The project will lead to the production of a book recording the oral histories of about 20 people or families that were resident in the Wyuna district during the period 1906 to 1945.


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