Photo of Tara Oldfield

Author: Tara Oldfield

Senior Communications Advisor

NOTE the festival has been postponed but we can still enjoy these fabulous photographs...

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival takes place in March each year providing an opportunity to celebrate all the food and wine that Melbourne has to offer. Events range from cake displays, wine tasting, vegan dinners and much much more.

To get your taste buds going we've searched our Public Transport Photo Collection for the many food and drink brands and products being advertised around 100 years ago (circa 1920s- circa 1939) on train station billboards across Victoria. Some familiar brands like SPC and White Crow appear, as do a few less recognisable products like the old Robur Tea. Also of note is that alcoholic beverages were being touted as health products, for instance Abbots Lager 'for health'. All feature beautiful artwork, including by the famous Percy Trompf, well known for his commercial travel posters.  

Advertising for ETA Table Margarine, VPRS 12800/ P3 item ADV 1928


Hoarding advertising Abbots Lager Point Nepean Road Chelsea, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0134


Advertising hoarding for Wolfe's Schnapps, Sandringham, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0142


Advertising hoarding for Lifeguard Milk, Richmond, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0155


Johnnie Walker scotch whisky cut out advertisement, VPRS 12800/ P3 item ADV 0432


Railway hoarding advertising dried fruits at Chapel Street Windsor, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0246


Cabinet with advertising poster for SPC canned fruits, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0554


Advertising hoarding for Robur Tea, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0772


Advertising hoarding for Cadbury Fry Pascall, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 0845


Platform hoarding for Dickies Towels, Milk and White Crow at Newmarket, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 1229


Hoarding for Hutton's Bacons retaining wall, Princes Bridge, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 1370


Advertising hoarding for McWilliams Yendarra Sherry, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 1782


Advertising hoarding for Orlando Wines, artwork by Trompf, VPRS 12800/P3 item ADV 1778


Hungry, thirsty, yet? Check out the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival program here. 


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