Author: Charlie Farrugia

Senior Collections Advisor, Public Record Office Victoria

Welcome to the first posting of the PROV Collection Management blog.  It is envisaged that this blog will focus exclusively on the PROV Collection as seen by Charlie Farrugia the PROV Senior Collections Advisor.

Specifically, I hope to produce a range of interesting, occasionally quirky but above all, informative postings about the records in our Collection and the challenges PROV faces in managing, storing, documenting, preserving and making them available.  In doing so I also hope to shed light on my work as part of the PROV Collection Management Team by revealing the tools, skills, knowledge, experience and tricks of the trade upon which I rely.  Individual postings will be largely inspired by my and the Collection Management Team’s experiences as they occur.

This blog will hopefully appeal not just to archivists but to anyone who seeks to understand how and why we do things and in the way we do them. As such I will try to keep archival jargon to a minimum but there will be occasions when this will be unavoidable.

As with all blogs, normal blog etiquette shall apply and comment from our readers will be sought and welcomed.