Author: Public Record Office Victoria

The 2014 Moomba parade marks the 60th anniversary of this Melbourne event.  Over the years, many entertainers including glamorous floats have provided children, young and old, with memories of this special event.

We have shared with you below The Corporation’s floats which won a variety of awards and commendations.  The Gas and Fuel Corporation was a frequent and highly visible participant in Melbourne’s annual Labour Day Moomba Parades.  Do you remember these floats?  Do you recognise anyone on the floats or in the crowd?

These records are part of the ‘Gas and Fuel Archival Collection’ currently being accessioned by Public Record Office Victoria. They will be available to researchers once cataloguing is complete.

Gas and Fuel Corporation, VA 1040 (1951-1995) - VPRS 13141 Gas and Fuel Archival Collection


mooba parade float

moomba parade

moomba float